Premier League: Why is Chelsea unpopular? Characteristics and history

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Chelsea is one of the most powerful clubs, having won the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League. Therefore, there is no doubt that they are strong, but the reality is that for some reason they are not as popular compared to Manchester United or Liverpool. Why is this?


Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC is a professional soccer club based in London, the capital of England. Chelsea is known as a powerful club, having won both the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League. Chelsea’s nickname is the Blues, and the name comes from the fact that the team’s color is blue. Chelsea is also famous for being a team that suddenly became stronger in the 2000s.

roman abramović

His presence is a big reason why Chelsea suddenly became stronger. The Russian oil tycoon bought Chelsea in 2003 and used his pocket money to acquire a number of talented players. Chelsea has grown into a big club. However, in 2022, all of his assets were frozen by the British government due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

home stadium

Chelsea’s home stadium is Stamford Bridge. This stadium is a soccer-only stadium and is very easy to see. The stadium has a capacity of 40,000 people, and the audience seats feel quite close to the pitch.

london derby

Since Chelsea is a London team, matches against fellow London teams are called London derbies. Matches against the powerful Arsenal are especially exciting. In addition, matches against Tottenham tend to be relatively exciting.

There are many wealthy people

Many of the supporters of the club Chelsea are relatively wealthy. This has something to do with the fact that the stadium is located in an upscale residential area, and the supporters of other London teams are mostly working class, so there is some jealousy.

Chelsea history

Chelsea is a very prestigious club with a history of over 100 years. Even with the latest information on overseas soccer, Chelsea is always in the news because they also have representatives from England. It is a sports club that is attracting attention from the media as it ranks high in the UEFA club rankings.


Chelsea was founded in 1905. When the Mears brothers bought Stamford Bridge, they needed a club to use Stamford Bridge as their home base, so Chelsea was founded. However, when Chelsea was first established, they were a weak team. They reached the FA Cup final in 1915, but were relegated to the second division. The team won its first league championship in the 1954-55 season, and up until then it had been a series of mediocre battles.


Chelsea won their first FA Cup in 1967. Here they will play against Real Madrid in the Cup Winners’ Cup. They were able to win in the rematch and became their first victory on the international stage. However, the time of glory ended here, and from the 1970s onwards, the team slumped again and was demoted to the second division. In 1989, we were finally promoted to Division 1, and from then on we continued to compete in Division 1.


In this year, Abramovich, who was also mentioned above, became the owner, and the club’s management method of acquiring a large number of foreign star players was adopted. By acquiring famous players one after another, they were able to win the league title with Jose Mourinho as their manager. He began to climb the ladder to become a big club, making it to the top four in the UEFA Champions League.


It was this season that Chelsea joined the ranks of Europe’s powerhouses. Under coach Di Matteo, they were able to win the UEFA Champions League for the first time. This season they also won the FA Cup, making it their second title. They also won the UEFA Champions League in 2021, establishing themselves as one of the world’s strongest clubs.

Why is Chelsea unpopular?

As mentioned above, Chelsea is a club with a long history and has won the UEFA Champions League, but for some reason it is not popular. Why is that?

Nouveau riche club

Chelsea is only strong because of the power of money. It also became strong with the money of its owner, Russia, an invading country, so it may be no wonder that so many people hate it. Although Abramovich’s assets were frozen, he still had a dirty image.

International team

Originally, Chelsea was not a team made up mainly of English players, but rather a team that acquired many famous foreign players for large sums of money, so they were not very popular domestically. There aren’t many English players, so there isn’t much support from English supporters.

defensive soccer

Even though they spend a lot of money to acquire famous players one after another, the soccer they are playing is the soccer of the weak. It may be natural for the spectators to find the soccer boring when the players are withdrawing and playing counterattacks. The speed of play doesn’t increase, and passes often don’t connect. Therefore, even if we play against clubs from Spain or Italy, we will not get any results.

Why did Chelsea become weaker?

In the 2020s, Chelsea have clearly weakened. Until now, they have continued to acquire famous players with money and have continued to rank in the top ranks, but it is clear that they have stalled. But why is Chelsea in the 2020s a team that can’t win even if they acquire players? There are many players who have played in the World Cup, so they should be able to overwhelm the opposing team, but that doesn’t happen easily.

lack of strikers

In recent years, Chelsea has clearly lacked a key forward. Speaking of Chelsea before, they had overwhelming scorers like Drogba and Diego Costa. However, the reality is that Chelsea are clearly struggling with their scoring ability. This is reflected in the fact that they are weak in the Premier League and can’t win at all in the UEFA Champions League. They don’t have a player who can be called an ace, and the new players really can’t score points.

Director changes

Chelsea’s slump can also be seen from the number of manager changes. Managers have changed frequently in the 2020s, and there is no system in place to compete with the same manager for many years. Of course, this is largely due to the fact that the club’s front office is quick to change the head coach. As a result, Chelsea’s style of play has changed with each change of manager, and the direction of the team continues to be uncertain.

There are many injured people

One of Chelsea’s problems in recent years has been the fact that they have become like a field hospital when it comes to important moments. The more important the players are in the center, the more we want them to appear in important games, but there are many cases where they are not available in the most important areas.

Watch Premier League live

The Premier League is said to be the most commercially successful league in the world, and there are many streaming services that broadcast it live. Therefore, be sure to watch the game live and enjoy the game.

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