National team: Is Mexican soccer strong? Introducing famous players

National Team

Is the national team of Mexican soccer the strongest in the world? This team is a regular at the World Cup as they boldly aim for goals through passing soccer. Even Argentina and Brazil are difficult to beat against Mexico, and they are also very phenomenal teams.


What kind of team is the Mexican national soccer team?

The Mexican National Soccer Team is the national soccer team of Mexico, formed by the Mexican Football Federation (FEMEXFUT). Their home stadium will be Estadio Azteca in the capital, Mexico City. Mexico is known as a powerful country representing North and Central America. Among sports in Mexico, soccer is overwhelmingly more popular than baseball.

Holds record for most total losses

The Mexican national soccer team holds the record for the most losses. Although 28 losses is not a very welcome number, it shows that he has participated in that many tournaments. They are arguably the strongest team in North, Central America and the Caribbean, having appeared in 17 World Cups, more than any other country outside of Europe and South America. They are a team that is always at the top of the latest FIFA rankings and attracts attention.

America’s fateful rival

Mexico is competing in the North, Central America, and Caribbean qualifiers, and although they have difficult opponents such as Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Canada, their biggest rival is the United States. America is weak at soccer, but they put up a very heated battle against Mexico. It has also achieved results at the Olympics.

Best result in the World Cup is Top 8

His best result in the World Cup was the top 8. What is amazing is that they have consistently advanced to the top 16 from 1994 to 2018, making them a regular fixture in the final tournament. Therefore, it can be said that the performance is more stable than that of emerging countries such as Japan. Even in the world, we are comparable to countries in Central and South America such as Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Uruguay. Many of the directors are famous people who have achieved results.


Are there any famous players in Mexico?

Are there any famous players in Mexico? That being said, there are quite a lot of them. Therefore, we will introduce some of the most famous players of all time. Even the strongest teams will struggle if they play against each other regardless of their region. He is a representative that fans are paying attention to.

Javier Hernandez

Javier Hernández is a soccer player from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He is widely known as Chicharito and is Mexico’s top scorer. He played an active role at Manchester United.

Khaled Borhetti

Khaled Borhetti, nicknamed Golden Head, is a famous player who is known for scoring with his head from over 180cm tall. He has also played for places like Bolton and has also played in England.

Rafael Marquez

Rafael Marquez is a Mexican national team player who also played for Barcelona. He is a player who can play as a defender or midfielder and has played in various countries such as Monaco and New York. If you know Barcelona from the Rijkaard era, there’s no way you don’t know this player.

Why don’t Mexican players play overseas?

In fact, Mexican national team players often play in Mexico. One of the reasons for this is that Mexican clubs have plenty of money and can afford to keep international players. For this reason, as you can see from the Club World Cup, where Mexican clubs are always represented in North, Central America, and the Caribbean, they are able to avoid sending their strength overseas.

Overwhelming passwork soccer

Mexico’s biggest selling point is passwork. This is exactly what happened in Mexico at the 2006 tournament. Unfortunately, they lost, but in the match against Argentina, they were completely dominating with their passing. It was in its heyday, with equipment such as borghetti and swings.

Watch the World Cup live

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