Serie A: What is the relationship between Milan and Inter? What kind of history does it have? About Milan Derby

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AC Milan and Inter, two of the big three teams in Serie A, have a Milan derby, but what kind of relationship do they have? Of course, if you’re a supporter, you probably know a lot about the details, but I’ll summarize the relevance for beginners, so I hope you find it helpful.


What is AC Milan? What kind of team is it?

AC Milan is a professional soccer club based in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. AC Milan is Italy’s representative soccer team, along with Inter and Juventus, and these three teams are said to be the Big 3 in Serie A. They are the most experienced team with the most UEFA Champions League wins of any Italian club. It was founded in 1899, so it is a club with quite a long history.

What is Intel? What kind of team is it?

Internazionale Milano is often referred to as Inter. Inter is a professional soccer club based in Milan, Italy. The club has a rivalry with AC Milan, who are based in the same region. The club colors are black and blue and this is reflected in the uniform. Inter is one of the big clubs that everyone recognizes, having won the Champions League and Serie A.

What is the relationship between Milan and Inter? What is the relevance?

The relationship between Milan and Inter is actually very deep. We will introduce each of them one by one, so please refer to the list of information below. I have picked out stories that are important to me. It’s easy to find new material, such as sports news. We have recruited and played many foreign players, which has had mixed effects as a result.

Same headquarters

In fact, Milan and Inter’s home stadium is the same. Inter call it the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, while Milan call it the Stadio Comunale di San Siro. After Giuseppe Meazza died in 1980, the owner of the stadium, the city of Milan, changed the name to its current official name, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, but Milan supporters rejected this name. It’s called San Siro.

completely different classes

Milan and Inter are from the same Milan team, but the classes of supporters are completely different. Inter fans tend to be wealthy. AC Milan, on the other hand, is supported by the working class. There are also differences in the number of supporters. Milan have 47 million fans worldwide, while Inter have around 10 million. Milan is more popular worldwide. However, the most popular team in Italy is Juventus.

eternal rivalry

Milan and Inter have an eternal rivalry. The match between the two clubs is called the Milan derby, and sometimes riots even break out in the city. The Milan derby is a game between big clubs that represent not only Italy but also the world, and the broadcast will be lively. After that, the player with the most appearances in the Milan derby was Paolo Maldini, with 56 appearances. In terms of derby match results, Inter are leading the way with 89 wins as of 2024. You can also view records of past players and coaches on the official website.

There is an overwhelming difference in CL.

However, there is a big difference between Milan and Inter in the UEFA Champions League, and there is a considerable gap in terms of achievements. According to the latest results, Milan have won the championship more than seven times, while Inter have only won three times. In Inter’s case, they have suffered many defeats in the finals, and it continues to be difficult for them to win. Amidst all the attention, the team was born and has been struggling for many years.

experienced decline at the same time

Milan had an owner named Berlusconi and Inter had an owner named Moratti, but they declined with the introduction of FFP. As a result, it disappeared from the international stage from around 2012 to 2014, and suffered for many years without being able to make a comeback. The number of players belonging to the team has also increased, and they have suffered, but from around 2021 or 2022 they will start to be noticed in European cup matches. We have acquired players who can score and calculate scores, and our rankings have improved, and a new cycle has begun.

Inter have never been relegated.

AC Milan has been relegated before and has some bitter memories. The same goes for Juventus. However, Inter are the only club in the history of Italian football’s top division to have never been relegated. Therefore, there is a big difference between the two. AC Milan were also stripped of points due to the calcio scandal.

Watch Serie A live

Serie A is one of the top leagues in the world. The event will be broadcast live on various video streaming services, so be sure to check it out.

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