La Liga: Real Madrid’s nickname Why is it so strong? The reason why CL is unusually strong

Europe League

Speaking of Real Madrid, it can be said that they are the strongest team in the world, boasting the most brilliant track record among all the soccer clubs in the world. No wonder, as they are the only team to have won the UEFA Champions League more than 10 times. This number of wins is by far the most compared to big clubs in the Premier League or Serie A, so it’s really amazing.


What is Real Madrid?

Real Madrid is a professional soccer club based in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Its predecessor was Madrid FC, a club founded in Madrid in 1895. Their home stadium is the Santiago Bernabéu, a huge stadium that can hold 81,000 people. When it comes to La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two most important teams, and the clash between these two teams attracts the most attention in the world. By the way, they also have a rivalry with Atlético Madrid, who are also based in Madrid.


Real Madrid supporters are called Madridistas. By the way, 29% of Spanish soccer fans are said to be Real Madrid fans. That’s why it boasts overwhelming ability and popularity even in Spain. It is said that Real Madrid’s supporters are mostly wealthy, while Atlético Madrid’s supporters are said to be mostly working class.


Real Madrid has several nicknames. One is Los Blancos Gigante, the white giant, and El Blanco, Los Blancos refers to Real Madrid. Los Vikingos means Vikings and La Casa Blanca means White House. By the way, the name Real is used by many teams in La Liga other than Real Madrid, so this name causes confusion. There are many teams that use the name Real, such as Real Sociedad and Real Betis.


The capital, Madrid, has the most famous sports newspapers, MARCA and AS. As a sports newspaper based in Madrid, it is known for featuring features on Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid every day. For club members and fan club members, there is also a fan club magazine called Hala Madrid.

El Clasico

El Clasico is a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, representing the Spanish league. It is often said that the level of competition between these two powerhouse teams is higher than that of the UEFA Champions League. For this reason, soccer fans not only in Spain but all over the world often pay close attention to this match.

Why is Real Madrid so strong?

Real Madrid is overwhelmingly strong domestically, but especially in the UEFA Champions League, they demonstrate even more divine strength. In particular, everyone should be well aware that they showed extraordinary strength in winning the 2021-2022 championship. But why is Real Madrid so strong?

Many experienced players

Real Madrid always has veteran players with experience, regardless of the season. Moreover, especially when it comes to the Champions League stage, veteran players tend to play an active role. Other big clubs have experienced veterans, but the veteran players at Real Madrid have a lot of experience, especially in the World Cup and Champions League. Because of this background, he knows how to win no matter how difficult the situation is. They are flexible enough to change tactics to suit the opponent even when the manager changes, and are often featured in overseas news.

Sometimes I give up on league matches

Real Madrid don’t always win the Triple Crown every year. It is common for a team to win the UEFA Champions League in one season, but lose the Copa del Rey or La Liga. For this reason, the Champions League is given top priority, so when La Liga and Copa del Rey become tough, there is a tendency to gracefully give up and focus on the Champions League. Real Madrid has good chemistry with the English team. They can score in important games in Europe and they know how to win. Therefore, the number of finalists is very high. They have many shocking come-from-behind wins, and are able to achieve good results even in difficult situations.

Addition of powerful players

Real Madrid has always been one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Therefore, even if we are in a transitional period, very talented and experienced players will definitely join us. There are many players who choose Real Madrid, refusing to play in the rich Premier League or rival Barcelona. That’s why Real Madrid can be called a dignified club. And because it can maintain its military strength throughout the ages, it remains strong. Even in the Clasico, you won’t be completely overwhelmed.

Why Real Madrid is strong in the CL

Real Madrid boasts the most wins in the world’s top competition, the UEFA Champions League, and has won the most championships. They are the only team to have won the UEFA Champions League more than 10 times. So why is Real Madrid so strong?

Strong for the Champions League final

The biggest reason why Real Madrid always seems to win the Champions League is their overwhelming strength in the finals. The final tournament of the Champions League consists of two games played in a home and away format, with the winning club determined by the total score, but the final is played once. There is a strong element of luck, but I have always won.

2013-14 Real Madrid4 – 1 aetAtlético madrid
2015-16 Real Madrid1 – 1 aet
(PK 5 – 3)
Atlético madrid
2016-17 Real Madrid4 – 1Juventus
2017-18 Real Madrid3 – 1Liverpool
2021-22 Real Madrid1 – 0Liverpool

Strength in home games

Real Madrid is very strong in home games anyway. Even if they have a tough away game, they often make a big comeback in the home game. This was most evident in the 2021-22 season. All I can say is that that season was particularly unusual. All the teams in the Premier League have been crushed.

Let’s watch La Liga

La Liga is the most advanced league in the world. Therefore, there are many services that stream videos of this league. If you are interested, let’s watch a Real Madrid game live as we will introduce it in the article below.

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