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What is the nickname of Italian team Lazio? Although it is now a mid-sized club, it was considered one of the Seven Sisters in the early 2000s and was a club that was developing greatly. What kind of history does Lazio have? I tried to summarize it briefly.


What kind of team is Lazio?

The official name is Sochieta Sportiva Lazio, a professional soccer team based in Rome, Italy. There is a rivalry with Rome, which is based in the same place, and a tabby match called Derby della Capitole attracts attention all over the world. The common name is Lazio, and because the name is long, most people call it abbreviated. Lazio is often featured in overseas news, and their fans stand out because their color is blue.

home stadium

The home stadium will be the Stadio Olimpico, the same stadium as Rome. It will be a huge stadium, with a capacity of 72,698 people.

team color

Team colors are white and blue. This club has a history of being born as a multi-sports club. In honor of the Olympic Games, which are a symbol of sports, we use the two colors used in the flag of Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. It has more representative players than any other Serie A soccer club in history.


Supporters are called Laziale. Things have become more exciting since Maurizio Sarri, who joined the club in the 2010s, was the manager.

What is Lazio’s history like?

Lazio has a long history. Many of the players participating will be representative players, and a lot of information is being disseminated. Tournament content is also being broadcast on YouTube, X (twitter), etc.


Lazio was founded in 1900. The club’s predecessor was Società Podestica Lazio. When it was first established, it was not a very notable club and had no title whatsoever. However, in 1958 they won the Coppa Italia. This is the club’s first title. They also won the Serie A title in the 1973-1974 season, but have no other title. In this respect, their performance was significantly inferior to that of their rival, Rome.


It was in 1992 that the ordinary club began to change. When Sergio Cragnotti, the president of a major food company, became chairman, he began to make major reinforcements and began to appear in the upper ranks. In 1998, the club became the first Italian club to list its shares on the stock exchange, which provided ample funds for major reinforcements. This went well and they won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1998-1999. They reached their peak in the 1999-2000 season, winning the Serie A and the Coppa Italia.


However, from this point on, the club entered a dark era. In recent years, the club had only made large-scale reinforcements, but its finances deteriorated, and they released their main players.Due to extreme financial difficulties, they implemented austerity measures, and disappeared from the top ranks in Serie A, becoming a mid-ranked club. Masu. After that, although they won the cup competition, they were unable to win the Serie A title and did not appear in the UEFA Champions League. They are still considered a mid-tier club in Serie A and are regulars in the UEFA Europa League.

Claudio Lotito

The man who was rebuilding the club was Claudio Lotito, a businessman who ran a cleaning and security company. Claudio Lotito implemented fiscal austerity and changed from the previous policy of spending big money to strengthen players. Because reinforcements are carried out with very limited financial resources, compared to the powerhouses Juventus, Milan, and Inter, many of the players are mediocre. Claudio Lotito was suspected of being involved in the Calcio scandal, and in 2006, he was relegated to Serie B in connection with Serie A’s match-fixing scandal.

Although the club was given a heavy penalty, they quickly returned to the Serie A stage and are now regulars in the mid-tables.

Roma derby Roma vs Lazio

When talking about Lazio, the Roma derby must be mentioned. This match, known as the Derby della Capitole, refers to the match between Roma and Lazio and is said to be Italy’s most competitive local derby. Compared to the Milan derby between Milan and Inter Milan, it seems a bit dull, but it is a game that draws the attention of many soccer fans every game.

Both clubs are based at the Stadio Olimpico, so derby matches are always held at this stadium. Although the match is extremely violent, with riots and other violent incidents occurring by supporters, this derby is said to be a match to prove which side has supremacy in the capital.

Does Lazio have a nickname?

Lazio’s nickname is Biancocelesti (white and light blue) or Aquilotti (eagle cub). Lazio’s emblem features an eagle. Because of this, it is also nicknamed the eagle cub. The eagle on the emblem is based on the “double-headed eagle” of the Byzantine Empire, with a shining golden eagle placed at the top.

What is the Seven Sisters in Serie A?

Lazio was also known as the Seven Sisters. The Seven Sisters are Juventus, Milan, Inter, Lazio, Parma, Roma and Fiorentina. There was a time from the late 1990s to the early 2000s when the emerging powers Fiorentina, Parma, and Lazio made major reinforcements and joined the championship battle due to the expanding bubble of the calcio business. Under Sergio Cragnotti of major food manufacturer Cilio, Lazio made major reinforcements and rapidly became stronger.

However, the soccer bubble burst and the country went bankrupt due to excessive investment and loose finances. All clubs other than the traditional Big Three faced financial difficulties, and the structure of the Seven Sisters collapsed. After this, it became an era of three powerhouses: Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter.

Watch Serie A live

Serie A is one of the top leagues in the world. The event will be broadcast live on various video streaming services, so be sure to check it out.

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