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National Team

National team: Is Mexican soccer strong? Introducing famous players

Is the national team of Mexican soccer the strongest in the world? This team is a regular at the World Cup as they boldly aim for goals through passing soccer. Even Argentina and Brazil are difficult to beat against Mexico, and they are also very phenomenal teams.
National Team

National team: Is Nigeria’s soccer strong? World Cup team results

Is the African national team Nigeria's soccer strong? I will explain it in the article. Speaking of the Nigeria national soccer team, it is a team that always appears at the World Cup, the Olympics, and even the World Youth Championships. That's how stable it is in Africa.
Europe League

Premier League: Are Arsenal and Tottenham on bad terms? The reason lies in the derby?

Do Arsenal and Tottenham, who are playing against each other in London in the Big 6 of the Premier League, have bad relations? What is the reason? I will explain it in the article. Matches between these two teams are also known to be more exciting than you might imagine, as exemplified by the North London Derby. But did you know that they are also famous for not getting along?
J League

J League: Why is Vahren Nagasaki weak in J2? About the reasons and causes

Why is V. Vahren Nagasaki of the J League so weak that they can't score points in J2 games? In this article, I will explain the reasons why the team is weak in the season. Although this is a team that has played in J1 in the past, I can't shake the impression that they are struggling in J2. Will they be promoted to J1 again and be able to win consistently?


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