Is there a way to watch DAZN on TV? Explains recommended methods and what to do if you can’t see it.


Is there a way to watch sports on DAZN by connecting it to a TV, which is a large screen device? This article explains recommended methods and what to do if you can’t see it. There are several ways to watch on TV, and we will introduce the details of each method and what to do if you can’t watch it in a list, so please refer to it.


DAZN Company Profile and Basic Information

DAZN is a sports VOD operated by the DAZN Group. The site supports not only Japanese but also English, so the content can be enjoyed by people from various countries. It is distributed in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, America, Italy, Spain, and Brazil, so there are many different users.

Operating companyDAZN
languageJapanese English
Number of users15 million people
main officelondon united kingdom
Broadcast typeVOD
Number of employees

There are several ways to watch TV

There are several ways to watch DAZN on TV, so I will introduce them to you. You can watch 4K videos by mirroring on devices such as tablets, smartphones, computers, and TVs such as Fire TV and Stick. The viewing method is as follows. There is a limited period, but you can also watch missed broadcasts.

Watch on smart TV

There is a way to watch it on a smart TV. A smart TV is a TV equipped with an operating system and internet connection function, and as long as you have a DAZN-compatible smart TV, you can enjoy content on a large screen. The following TVs fall under this category, so please ask the sales staff at an electronics retailer. Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, etc. can be used stably. Different benefits such as campaigns are held throughout the year.

  • Panasonic:VIERA
  • Sharp:AQUOS
  • Toshiba:REGZA
  • Sony:BRAVIA
  • LG Smart TV

In addition to the above, if the app is compatible with Android TV, you may be able to download the app from Google Play Store and watch it. For smart TVs, you can simply install the DAZN app on your TV.

Watch on Fire TV Stick

FireTVStick is a VOD viewing tool sold by Amazon. Just turn on the Amazon Fire TV device with the push of a button and connect it to your TV, and you can watch a variety of video content on the big screen just like you would with a smart TV. You need to purchase a FireTVStick, but the price is reasonable at 4,980 yen. Connect to the TV via HDMI. No cables are needed, just plug this unit directly into the TV’s HDMI terminal.

Watch with Chromecast

You can watch with Chromecast sold by Google. The actual retail price of Chromecast is 5,000 yen, and it can be purchased at electronics stores and online shopping sites. You can connect it to your TV using HDMI and use an HTML cable to plug it into a power source and start watching immediately. You can enjoy it conveniently with your family anywhere.

Watch on Apple TV

A media streaming device sold by Apple. The selling price of Apple TV is 15,800 yen for a new product. Connect to the TV using the included HDMI cable or adapter. You can access DAZN immediately by using the dedicated app. Usually, you can download an app by clicking on it in the app store. You can use it comfortably and view your work.

Watch on game console

You can watch it on your game console. X BOX and PlayStation are compatible with DAZN viewing, and dedicated apps are also distributed. Compatible with the following models. How to use it is very easy, just download and install the DAZN app from the Store. The game is characterized by comfortable image processing and high image quality. You can watch a new live show using the remote control.

  • PlayStation® 4
  • PlayStation® 4 Pro
  • PlayStation® 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox Series X (L)
  • Xbox Series S (R)

Watch on Hikari TV

You can also watch it on Hikari TV. The monthly usage fee is 3,700 yen per month, and you need to subscribe to the service and rent a dedicated tuner, so the hurdle is a little higher than the above. You can watch by connecting your TV to a dedicated tuner. It is also possible to watch DAZN on J:COM, but there is a separate fee and contract procedure, but you can enjoy it.

How to log in to DAZN on TV

Here’s how to log in to DAZN on your TV: Please note that Dazn for docomo requires a serial code. If you cannot log in on your TV, check your email address, password, the possibility that you have exceeded the maximum number of devices that can be viewed simultaneously, and also check your internet environment.

Open the DAZN app and log in

First, open the DAZN app, log in to each account from your smartphone or tablet such as iPad, iPhone, or Android, and go to My Page on the official website. Select “DAZN” from the login screen.

Tap “Start watching”

Tap “Start watching.” Now you can watch it. Try playing it and have fun. TV is recommended as a video distribution service, so you can smoothly enjoy the latest anime, movies, drama series, music, etc.

Causes and solutions if you cannot watch on TV

You can watch it as above. However, we will explain the causes and solutions if you cannot watch on TV, so let’s check if this is the case. Check out the article below for more details. If you cannot resolve the issue, please contact support.

Problems with the internet environment

There may be a problem with the internet environment. If the line you are using is unstable, you will not be able to watch the video, so please contact your provider. This case is also relevant if the image quality is poor. This also applies if only audio is initially heard. Please check the connection first.

The number of devices that can be viewed simultaneously is exceeded.

The number of devices that can be viewed simultaneously may be exceeded. If you are currently using the DAZN Standard plan, which allows you to watch soccer, please note that you can only watch on two devices at the same time. There may also be a problem with sending or receiving data on some parts of the device.

DAZN side problem

There is a problem on DAZN’s side. This is when you are doing maintenance. Also, please be aware that there may be some problems with the app. There are cases where data updates are slow.

If you want to watch soccer, watch DAZN

If you are thinking of registering for DAZN, please refer to the article below.