DAZN: How to watch soccer broadcasts in English


DAZN supports Japanese and English. Therefore, there are times when you want to watch it in Japanese and times when you want to watch it in English. This time, I will tell you how to switch between English and Japanese on DAZN, so I hope you find it helpful.


English commentary and Japanese commentary

As you can see on the DAZN homepage, there is live commentary in both Japanese and English. On the homepage, you can switch the language at the bottom as shown below. In the case of the J-League, the commentary and commentators are basically Japanese, but in the case of broadcasts of major European leagues, some games have Japanese commentary and commentary, and all other games have English commentary. Most popular matches often have live commentary and commentary in Japanese. Information about overseas leagues is often announced in English.

Source : https://www.dazn.com/

Europa League broadcast in Japanese

DAZN broadcasts not only the J League but also many major leagues in Europe, but only the big clubs are broadcast in Japanese. In the Premier League, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Manchester United. In La Liga, these are Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atlético. For other mid-ranked and low-ranking teams, the broadcast will be in English only. However, in the case of the UEFA Champions League, most broadcasts are broadcast in Japanese and English. In the case of the UEFA Europa League, it will be on a case-by-case basis.

Language switching

DAZN has a live broadcast switching function. Easy to operate. Please log in to DAZN. Once you open DAZN, click on the menu in the top right corner of the screen. Click “Audio” there. This allows you to switch the relay language, so please try using it. Setting each video is very easy. You can do it immediately by logging into the official website. If you are unsure, you can check with the official support website. There are no specifications regarding communication devices that are not eligible for support, so you can also make inquiries using mobile devices.

Check the live broadcast on the program list

By looking at the program schedule on DAZN, you can see which games are being broadcast in English and which are in Japanese. In the case of the J League, the broadcast will basically be in Japanese, but in the case of the Europa League, if there is a display of “Japanese commentary” or “Japanese commentary” in the program guide, it will be the commentary in Japanese. However, if the match is blank and there is no information written, the information will basically be in English only. By checking the program schedule, you can know in advance which language the live broadcast will be in. For all fights that are being broadcast, you can also see the start and end times on the account page.

Soccer leagues available on DAZN

DAZN currently has more soccer coverage than any other video distribution service, and it has a lot of content. You can watch the league broadcast below. We provide the most content of interest to the general public. You can also enjoy the English notation.

la liga

La Liga refers to the Spanish league. The Spanish league is the highest level league in the world, as can be seen from the fact that it ranks first in the UEFA country rankings. We mainly broadcast matches between powerhouse teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid.

Serie A

Serie A is a professional soccer league in Italy and is considered one of the three major soccer leagues. Serie A matches are broadcast mainly between Juventus, Milan, Inter, Napoli, Roma and other powerful clubs.

Ligue 1

Ligue 1 is a professional soccer league in France, and Paris Saint-Germain is the top league, so the league itself may not be interesting. However, it is also a league that is attracting a lot of attention because it has a large number of promising young players.

J League

The J League is Japan’s professional soccer league and covers J1 to J3, so DAZN is the most recommended for Japanese soccer fans. It’s an attractive league where you don’t know who will win because the levels are so even.

belgium league

The Belgian league is a soccer league in which Japanese players have been very prominent in recent years. There aren’t many strong teams in the Belgian league, but they are broadcast every week.

portugal league

The Portuguese league is an exciting league centered around strong teams such as Porto and Sporting that also participate in the Champions League. These are also broadcast every week on DAZN, so they are attracting attention.

international friendly match

DAZN also broadcasts live broadcasts of national teams. We are broadcasting many games live, including teams from powerful countries in Europe and South America.

DAZN registration method

The following article explains how to register for DAZN. If you are interested, please register.


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