La Liga: Why has Barcelona become weaker? About the reason

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Why did Barcelona become weaker in La Liga? Even if we play in league games during the season, we can’t win. I will explain the reason. The team that reached its peak in the early 2010s, with Lionel Messi at its core, was truly the strongest team in European history, but it has since declined significantly. What is the reason for that?


What is FC Barcelona?

FC Barcelona is a professional soccer club based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Domestically, they have won over 70 titles and are rivals with Real Madrid. It is one of the most supported clubs in the world, the most popular in the world, and is famous as a team that has supporters all over the world. Founded in 1899.


His nickname is “Barça”, which is Catalan. She also has an affinity for “Blaugrana”, which is also Catalan. In the game, they press from a high position to capture the ball and use pass work to circulate the ball to liven up the attack. We have the best members on the front line and it is our duty to win. We are always expected to score points and are obligated to win the title.

home stadium

Their home stadium is the Camp Nou, which is the Nagai Stadium, which was built in the 1950s and has a long history.With a capacity of 99,000 people, it is considered one of the largest stadiums in the world.


Among the world’s big clubs, Barcelona’s management method is quite unique. A unique feature of the club’s management is that it recruits members from the general public and uses their membership fees to operate the team. There are currently 180,000 members around the world, making it a very large base. There is also a subordinate organization called Cantera, and players from Cantera often receive tremendous support from supporters as natives of the club.

El Clasico

El Clasico is a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, representing the Spanish league. It is often said that the level of competition between these two powerhouse teams is higher than that of the UEFA Champions League. For this reason, soccer fans not only in Spain but all over the world often pay close attention to this match.

Why did Barcelona become weaker? About the reason

Why did Barcelona become weaker? I will explain the reason. Why did Barcelona, which was called the strongest team in history and flourished during Lionel Messi’s heyday, decline in the 2020s? Here is a list of the reasons. In the 2020s, there is a lot of news about Madrid even in La Liga, and even in overseas information, the spotlight is on Real. As a result, they are busy chasing Real’s ass.

Too dependent on Lionel Messi

The biggest reason, after all, is that they relied too much on Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi is certainly the greatest soccer player of all time, and you can’t help but rely on him. However, Messi continued to rely on him even in the late 2010s, when he began to decline. As a result, there was no center player to replace him. It may be inevitable that such an outstanding player is so difficult to replace. Modern football has a weak midfield and the old style of football can be difficult to achieve.

Fiscal crisis caused by Bartomeu

Josep Maria Bartomeu is the former owner of FC Barcelona and a spy for Real Madrid. The reason for this was that they continued to recruit players that were unsuitable and lost money, which put pressure on their finances. Furthermore, due to the loss of sponsorship income, he was called “the worst president in Barça’s history.” He was forced to resign as La Masia’s lack of talent continued to fail, and he was forced to resign.

Successive releases of key players

The financial difficulties mentioned above also forced the release of the team’s key players. The team was weakened by the release of key players such as Messi, Suarez, Neymar, and Griezmann. Of course, if we were to release this many players, it was inevitable that we would lose our strength, and from the time these players disappeared, we began to be unable to win in the UEFA Champions League or Clasico. Recently, he hasn’t been able to pass as well as in the past in tournaments, and his defense hasn’t been as good, so his evaluation is bad.

They can’t continue the tiki-taka style.

During Lionel Messi’s era, the triangle of Iniesta, Xavi, and Busquets worked in a so-called tiki-taka style, and he toyed with the opponent with his passwork. However, without these players, this style cannot be maintained and a change will be forced. Barcelona’s current tactical style makes frequent use of fast attacks and crosses from the sides. However, Barça has always had a consistent philosophy and would like to base their team on tiki-taka, but it is difficult to find players who can embody that philosophy.

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