J League: Are Mito Holy Hook weak? How is the soccer game going?

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Are J League’s Mito Holy Hooks weak? They are a soccer team that has been playing all seasons in J2, but they have not been able to compete for promotion to J1 and have not been relegated to J3, giving the impression that they are weak. However, in reality, although they are not promoted, they have never been demoted and have always been in the J2 League, achieving stable results.


What kind of team is Mito Hollyhock?

Mito Holy Hock is a J League club whose hometown is Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture. This sports club was founded in 1994 as FC Mito and joined the J League in 2000. It may be a team that doesn’t remain in people’s memories because it doesn’t get many sports news or special features. Introducing a list of important information about the team.

What is the origin of the club name?

Mito Holyhock has a strong origin in its club name. Hollyhock means “hollyhock” in English, and is taken from the hollyhock, which is the family crest of the Mito clan. The emblem is based on the family crest of the Mito Tokugawa family, so those who are familiar with this area will be familiar with it.

Oldest in J2 league

Mito Hollyhock holds the record for being the oldest player in the J2 League. That should be it. They cannot be promoted to the J1 League and cannot be demoted to the J3 League. It is currently the longest-tenured club in the J2 League, and is also said to be the master of the J2 League. There are many cases where the season is more modest than expected, and even if the results are achieved, they are not reported much.

Is Mito Hollyhock weak?

So, if they can’t even make it to J1, are Mito Holy Hooks weak? There are many people who think so. Can we actually say that Mito is weak? The companies and the front office are struggling with various things in order to win an important victory, so we have to be careful about the rankings, but we are constantly maintaining a mid-ranked position due to our strong defense and quiet fighting style. This season, we are seeing progress in things like the stadium, and we are solidifying our foundation to participate in J1.

You can’t get promoted, but you can’t be demoted either.

Mito HolyHock will not be promoted, but will not be relegated either. In the past, Mito has seen the promotion of Sapporo, Sendai, Yamagata, Omiya, Urawa, Shonan, Nagoya, Shimizu, and Iwata. On the other hand, we are also watching teams that have been demoted to J3, such as Matsumoto, Omiya, and Oita. In other words, the reality is that it is neither strong nor weak.

Clubs with limited financial resources

Mito HolyHock is neither promoted nor relegated because they lack financial strength. Sales and income in 2022 are 1.024 billion yen, which is actually in the lower class among J2. Even in J2, there are many teams with an income of 2 billion, and in some cases as much as 3 billion, and they are doing well in such a situation.

No J1 league license

Mito is planning a new stadium. In fact, K’s Denki Stadium Mito in Mito does not have a capacity of 15,000 people, which meets the criteria for promotion to J1. However, thanks to the efforts of the club’s management team, a new stadium is scheduled to be completed around 2028, which raises the possibility of the club receiving a J1 license. K’s Denki Stadium Mito currently has a capacity of only 12,000 people, which does not meet J1 standards.

unable to retain players

Speaking of funds, Mito is by no means a team with a lot of money. That’s why they can’t keep players. As a result, talented players are constantly poached by top clubs and J1 teams, making it impossible for them to maintain their competitiveness. That’s why it’s hard to go to J1.

Let’s watch J League

In the J League, you can watch thrilling battles every game. If you subscribe to a video streaming service, you can watch every game live. I will introduce it in the article below, so if you are interested, please take a look.

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