J League: Why is Vahren Nagasaki weak in J2? About the reasons and causes

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Why is V. Vahren Nagasaki of the J League so weak that they can’t score points in J2 games? In this article, I will explain the reasons why the team is weak in the season. Although this is a team that has played in J1 in the past, I can’t shake the impression that they are struggling in J2. Will they be promoted to J1 again and be able to win consistently?


What kind of team is V. Faren Nagasaki?

V. Vahren Nagasaki is a sports club whose hometown is Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Formerly Ariake SC, it was approved as a J League associate club in 2009 and joined the J League in November 2012. The team has experience playing in the J1 League, and was once featured in news and reports. Home stadium is transcosmos stadium. They were ranked high in J2 and low in J1, and as a result, have settled in J2.

Supported by Japanet Takata

Japanet Takata has invested in V. Faren Nagasaki. Japanet Takata is a mail order company in Japan, and is very famous for its catalog shopping, online shopping, and even TV shopping, so I’m sure there are very few people who don’t know about it. This is a company with a lot of information. Depending on the match, it can be difficult to get tickets to support V-Varen Nagasaki. Let’s also take a look at the official website.

About the origin of the team name

V. Vahren Nagasaki is “V. Vahren”, where the “V” stands for VITORIA, which means victory in Portuguese. “VAREN” means “voyage” in Dutch. The uniforms stand out, and the stadium is also very impressive. Breaking news about V-Varen Nagasaki is often posted on bulletin boards such as Twitter and X. The support from the fans has been more exciting than I expected.

Why is V. Faren Nagasaki weak?

Why is V Faren Nagasaki weak? They started out in the JFL, moved to J2, and then joined J1 in 2018, making it a very famous and attention-grabbing team. I will explain the reasons and causes of suffering in the season game, including my own opinion, in a list. If you’re a little curious, before watching the match in person, there are official images and posts on YouTube and other sites, so check them out. Some supporters are saying they can look forward to more excitement this year.

Although we have financial strength, we cannot maintain our military strength.

V-Fahren Nagasaki’s biggest problem is that although it has a fair amount of funding, it is unable to maintain its strength. V. Faren Nagasaki’s sales in 2022 are 2 billion yen, which is among the highest in J2. Therefore, if you look at the money alone, it is enough, but since they are in J2, they cannot maintain their strength because they are unable to retain talented players. Because of this, I have a hard time getting promoted.

They can’t seem to lose but they can’t win

V-Fahren Nagasaki’s soccer style was more of a defensive style, and this was exactly the style they played in J1, where there were many high-level players. Since I went to J2, I’ve been missing out on a lot more. Over the past few years, there have been many cases where we have not been able to score points when we wanted to, or where we have been defeated by our opponents when we didn’t want to concede, and the fact that we have not been able to get promoted even though we are in the top of the rankings shows that we have not been able to get promoted. In the final stages of the match, there were many scenes where the midfielders were unable to press and the ball was passed to the goal due to poor judgment.

Not enough strength compared to the top J2 players

Looking at V. Vahren Nagasaki’s players, they lack strength compared to the top teams in J2. It feels a little unsatisfactory, and I have the impression that this is also connected to the omissions I explained above. Even in matches against lower-ranked teams, there seems to be a lot of failures, and I can’t shake the impression that they are lacking in strength overall. That’s why it’s hard to have a stable battle. We will need to proactively recruit players.

Let’s watch J League

In the J League, you can watch thrilling battles every game. If you subscribe to a video streaming service, you can watch every game live. I will introduce it in the article below, so if you are interested, please take a look.

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