J League: Why is Avispa Fukuoka unpopular? The reason

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Speaking of Avispa Fukuoka, there may be a strong impression that they are an elevator picture club that has been going back and forth between J1 and J2, but in the 2020s, they have been stably established in J1, and they seem to be able to continue a fairly stable battle. It has become. Despite this, Avispa Fukuoka’s matches always have small crowds. Why is it unpopular?


What is Avispa Fukuoka?

Avispa Fukuoka is a professional soccer club based in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. The former Central Security Soccer Club was founded in 1982, and Avispa means bee in Spanish. Because of this, other supporters often call me Bee. Since it is based in Fukuoka City, it can be said that it is a club with a base in a very large city in Kyushu. Fukuoka City is also a sister city with Bordeaux in France, and there are also soccer exchanges between the two countries.

Sponsored by a Fukuoka company

Most of the companies that sponsor Avispa Fukuoka are based in Fukuoka Prefecture. Therefore, it can be said that this is a club that embodies the ideals of the J.League. It is also a security-prevention soccer club, and is characterized by the fact that SECOM and others have invested in it.

home stadium

The home stadium is Hakatanomori Athletics Stadium. The stadium has a seating capacity of around 20,000 people, so it may be a rather small stadium for a J1 club. A cause for concern in Fukuoka is that there are not many spectators, and even though it is a home match, there are often empty seats.

Kyushu Derby

Avispa Fukuoka does not have any rival teams nearby, but it has a rivalry with Sagan Tosu in Saga, and the battle between these two teams is often called the Kyushu Derby. Of course, there are other J-clubs such as Oita, Kumamoto, and Ryukyu, but Fukuoka and Tosu are among the top teams, so this match will likely attract attention.

elevator club

The history of Avispa Fukuoka was that of a typical elevator club that repeatedly moved back and forth between J1 and J2. J1 is too weak and J2 is too strong.


Fukuoka, which had been competing in J1 since 1996, was in a slump that year. They finished 15th in the year and were demoted to J2. Furthermore, due to poor management and a trend of shrinking business, it was difficult to attract talented players. After this, Fukuoka struggled in J2, and ended up playing in J2 for five years.


This year, we made a breakthrough in J2 for the first time in a while. The club did not have much money, so they operated the team on a development route, but thanks to the performance of the youth players, they finished second in the final rankings in J2 and achieved promotion, but the following year, in 2006, they were promoted to J1. exposed overwhelming weakness. It was decided that they would be relegated to J2 after one year.


Fukuoka had been struggling in J2, but they made great strides this year. His return to J1 after five years was confirmed, and he played in J1 again in 2011. However, their overwhelming weakness was exposed as they suffered nine consecutive losses from the start. He decided to leave J1 again and returned to J2 after just one year.


This year, they lost three consecutive games from the opening round and ended up in last place, but their record quickly improved and they ended up in 3rd place, Iwata, 4 points short of the 2nd place Iwata with the same points and goal difference, heading into the playoffs. After that, he made a spectacular return to J1 in a match against Cerezo Osaka. However, 2016 will be another humiliation. In J1, it was decided that they would be ranked 16th or lower for the year, and once again, J2 was decided in one year.


This season, which started with the intention of making it to the J1 stage, ended in 2nd place, confirming their return to J1. The following year, they finished 8th in the J1 tournament, the best result in the club’s history, and since then they have established themselves in J1 and have shown stable competition.

Why is Avispa Fukuoka unpopular? The reason

Since 2020, Fukuoka has been showing a stable battle on the J1 stage, and Elevator Club Sora’s breakaway is becoming successful. However, for some reason, the number of spectators does not increase. The reasons for this are as follows.

Softbank Hawks

Fukuoka is also unlucky. Fukuoka is home to Softbank, a famous and powerful baseball team. Most sports fans in Fukuoka are enthusiastic about Softbank, which has the power to win. On the other hand, Avispa Fukuoka doesn’t have the ability to win the J1 championship, tends to give a plain impression, and has a hard time attracting customers.

sagan tosu

Right next to Avispa Fukuoka is Sagan Tosu, which is also in the J1 category. Sagan Tosu is a team that has been firmly established in J1 for a long time, and although they are a modest team without much money, they are showing stable competition and are attracting more attention than Fukuoka. Also, Sagan Tosu had big names such as Fernando Torres, so it’s hard for Fukuoka to get attention.

This is not a team that originated in Fukuoka.

The origin of Avispa Fukuoka is the Central Security Soccer Club. The Central Security Soccer Club is a soccer club located in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, not a club in Fukuoka. Since the predecessor was not in Fukuoka in the first place, there is also the reality that it is difficult for supporters to accept it.

team is weak

Avispa Fukuoka is not a team that can win the title, even if you look at their history. However, I can’t say that they were always strong in J2 either. Due to this background, there is a strong impression that the team is weak. Since the team doesn’t have any famous players, there is a problem that the number of customers will inevitably decline.

Let’s watch J League

Every game in the J League is thrilling and very interesting. The article below introduces channels where you can watch J League, so if you are interested, please take a look.

ChannelPlanSoccer ContentsURL
DAZN\3750national team
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J league
Hulu¥1026french league
dutch league
WOWOW\2530UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
ABEMA TV¥960national team
World Cup
Premier League
scottish league
スカパー¥429 + ¥2480national team
emperor’s cup soccer
J SPORTS\1100fifa world youthJ SPORTS


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