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Kyoto Sanga F.C.

The predecessor of Kyoto Sanga F.C was a club founded in 1922. In 1993, a team name was solicited from the public and the team name was Kyoto Purple Sanga. Kyoto joined the J League in 1996. Since then, the team has been active as a professional soccer team. Kyoto Sanga is a team that competes in J1 and J2, so there are probably not many people who know about it.

home stadium

The home stadium is Sanga Stadium by KYOCERA, which is not only a soccer stadium but also hosts rugby and American football matches. It has a capacity of about 20,000 people, so it cannot accommodate that many people.

Why is the team color purple?

Kyoto Sanga’s team color is purple. There’s a reason for this. This is influenced by the club color “Purple” from the days of its predecessor, Shiko (Shiko) Club. Uniforms for home games are also plain yellow.

club mascot

The club mascots are Parsa-kun, born in 1995, and his girl friend Kotono-chan, born in 2003. Both mascots are designed with a strong phoenix in mind.

Elevator club history

Kyoto is said to be an elevator club, moving up and down through J1 and J2. That’s understandable, because Kyoto is a strong team in J2 and a weak team in J1. This is clear from the history of the club. If it is J1, it will drop quickly, but if it is J2, it will show considerable strength. Personally, there is no elevator club like this.


In 2000, they played the season under coach Kamo, a former Japan national team coach, but finished in 15th place and were relegated to J2. However, the following year, in 2001, they showed overwhelming strength, won the J2 League, and immediately returned to J1.


However, in 2002, they were demoted again. Although they fought under coach Engels, they finished last in the year and were demoted to J2 for the second time. Due to the release of key players, the team was demoted due to a drop in strength. However, in 2005, they demonstrated overwhelming strength. By winning our second J2 championship, we decided to return to J1.


In 2006, they competed in J1 again, but showed overwhelming weakness. They were sluggish from the beginning of the season, and this season they were one of the top three, and they were easily relegated without any momentum to improve. However, in 2007, they once again demonstrated overwhelming strength in J2, and it was decided that they would return to J1.


From 2008, Kyoto began to show stable competition in J1 for a while. The team has stabilized its strength by recruiting talented players in each position, and finished the season in 14th place. In 2009, they decided to remain in J1 and finished the season in 12th place. Will this settle in J1? But in 2010, a nightmare awaited me. In 2010, they did not perform well at all, and the change of manager had no effect, and they were relegated to J2 again. From this point on, Kyoto entered a dark age for a while.


Kyoto will be in J2 for the next 10 years. Until now, Kyoto was weak in J1 and strong in J2, but they have adapted to J2 in a bad way. In 2011, although they acquired talented players, they fell into the middle of the pack and found themselves stuck in a swamp. When it became difficult to get promoted, it became difficult to recruit talented players, and J1 became far away.


In 2021, Cho Guiju, who was fired due to power harassment issues in Shonan, was appointed. Using the Shonan style of solid defense and fast attacks worked well and kept them in the promotion range, finally achieving promotion to J1. After more than 10 years, we are finally able to compete in J1.

Why is Kyoto Sanga weak?

Kyoto has had a hard time establishing itself in J1 despite having a major company like Nintendo as its sponsor. Why is that?

Not many sales

Kyoto is a club that surprisingly doesn’t have a lot of income. This is the J Club sales ranking for 2022. Surprisingly, Kyoto doesn’t have a lot of income. If we don’t have a lot of sales, it means we can’t have all the good players. There are no famous players, so it’s not very popular.

1Urawa Reds8,127 million yen
2Kawasaki Frontale6,979 million yen
3Yokohama F. Marinos6,481 million yen
4Vissel kobe6.365 billion yen
5Kashima Antlers6,116 million yen
6Nagoya Grampus6,091 million yen
7Gamba Osaka5,969 million yen
8FC Tokyo5,274 million yen
9Shimizu S-Pulse5,087 million yen
10Cerezo Osaka4,216 million yen
11Sanfrecce Hiroshima4,017 million yen
12Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo3.6 billion yen
13Kyoto Sanga F.C.3,288 million yen

unstable performance

As explained above, Kyoto Sanga’s performance is not very stable. As a result, their strength is unstable, and if they fall to J2, their main players will be taken away, and if they move to J1, they will not have enough strength. Also, since it is an elevator club, its results are unstable, so it is not a club that the players can truly entrust their lives to.

not popular

One of the reasons why Kyoto Sanga is weak is that it is not popular. As explained above, Kyoto Sanga can’t win at all in J1, and is strong in J2. Since the team’s record is unstable, it is difficult to recruit famous players, and there are no spectators who want to see players who are the center of attention. This also means that there aren’t many attractions, and the number of visitors is decreasing. In fact, there are not many fans.

Building a front team

The reason for Kyoto Sanga’s slump is that there is also a problem with the formation of the front team. Kyoto’s front office is often said to be incompetent, but they have often been questioned in terms of personnel matters in the past, such as changing managers mid-season and bringing in unsuccessful managers. there was. There are many seasons in which the team fails when building a team, which is why they have been relegated to J2 many times.

J League can be watched online and on TV

The J.League is a very exciting league, and you never know who will win at any time. You can watch the J League live using the services introduced below. If you are interested, please go to the stadium or watch the game on TV.

ChannelPlanSoccer ContentsURL
DAZN\3750national team
major europe leagues
J league
Hulu¥1026french league
dutch league
WOWOW\2530UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
ABEMA TV¥960national team
World Cup
Premier League
scottish league
スカパー¥429 + ¥2480national team
emperor’s cup soccer
J SPORTS\1100fifa world youthJ SPORTS


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