Scottish Premiership: What level is the Scottish league? Where are the strong teams?

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Many people may not know much about the Scottish Premiership. This is natural, as it is a minor league within the Europa League, and although it has many Japanese players, it is not well known. What is the level of the Scottish Premiership?


Scottish Premiership

The Scottish Premiership is a professional football league in Scotland, made up of 12 clubs, and the championship is decided over a 38-game season. The club with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the league champion, and the winning team will qualify for the UEFA Champions League. The second and third place teams will qualify for the UEFA Europa League. Clubs that finish in last place at the end of the season will be relegated to the second division. The 11th place will participate in the replacement match.

scottish cup

The Scottish Cup is a Scottish League Cup match. The winning club will qualify for the following season’s UEFA Europa League. All clubs are eligible to participate, and the home and away matches are determined at the time of the draw, and if the match ends in a draw after 90 minutes, the next match will be played at the opponent’s home. If the game still cannot be decided, it will go into overtime and penalties.

scottish league cup

The Scottish League Cup is a league cup in which all professional football teams are eligible to participate. However, in the case of this League Cup, even if you win, you do not get the right to participate in the international tournament.

What is the level of the Scottish League?

There are some strong teams in the Scottish League, such as Rangers and Celtic, who previously won the UEFA Champions League, but that is a thing of the past. Currently, we are behind the four major leagues, and it has become difficult for us to win titles in international matches. So how strong is the Scottish League?

UEFA Country Ranking

There is something called UEFA Country Rankings. The ranking method is to rank the league teams based on points based on their performance in cup matches in Europe such as CL and EL. Points are calculated based on each team’s results in the same cup match over 5 years. You can see the latest rankings from the link below.

UEFA Country Ranking

As you can see from this ranking, the four major leagues clearly stand out. France, Portugal, Belgium, and the Netherlands follow suit. The Scottish league is even lower, so it is slightly lower than the mid-tier league.

UEFA club rankings

Are there any teams that can be considered strong from a club perspective? In such cases, the UEFA club rankings can be helpful. If you look at the club rankings, teams like Rangers and Celtic come out at the top. These teams are also participating in the UEFA Champions League, so many people should know about them.

UEFA Club Ranking

UEFA Champions League wins

They have only won the UEFA Champions League once, which shows that they have lost significantly compared to the four major leagues. In the case of Scotland, Celtic have only won the title once.

Portugal 4

UEFA Europa League wins

There are no UEFA Europa League wins. In the past, teams like Celtic and Rangers have advanced to the finals, but they lost each time, so although they have been runners-up four times, they have never won the championship.

Portugal 2

Scottish league powerhouse team

The following teams are very famous among the strong teams in the Scottish League. In the case of the Scottish League, it is a completely two-strong league, and the disparity with other teams is extremely large, so other teams can almost be said to have no chance.

Rangers FC

Rangers FC is a club based in Glasgow. Rangers FC is one of the original 11 clubs in the Scottish League and has won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. They are a strong team with numerous domestic titles and have won over 50 league matches and over 30 cup matches.

Celtic FC

Celtic FC is also a club based in Glasgow. Celtic FC was founded in 1887 to alleviate poverty among Irish immigrants. Celtic FC have won the UEFA Champions League, and have won the domestic cup and league as much as Rangers. In the case of Celtic, many Japanese players have played there in the past, so the club is well known among Japanese people.

Watch the Scottish League

The Scottish League is one of the top leagues in the world. Therefore, there are many services that broadcast the Scottish League, so please enjoy watching it live.

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