National team: Why is Indian soccer so weak? Is cricket the reason for the large population?

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Why is the Indian national team’s soccer team weak even though it has the largest population among sports? What is the reason? I’ll give you an explanation. Speaking of India, it is said to be the most populous country in the world, and isn’t it also a very strong soccer player? You may often think that. But, very surprisingly, it is known to be quite weak.


Disastrous record of Indian national soccer team

The Indian national soccer team is actually quite weak. I would like to introduce it to you, including its past results, but the reality is that even though it boasts such a large population, it is very weak.

India ranks first in the world’s population rankings

India ranks number one in the world in terms of population. This is the population ranking as of 2022. India’s population is expected to continue to grow, and it is said that it will overtake second place and below.

1India1,428.6 million people
2China1,425.7 million people
3United States340 million people
4Indonesia277.5 million people
5Pakistan240.5 million people
6Nigeria223.8 million people
7Brazil216.4 million people
8Bangladesh173 million people
9Russia144.4 million people
10Mexico128.5 million people

Indian national soccer team cannot win in Asia

India was once considered one of the strongest countries in Asia, but in reality, the Indian national soccer team has never won in Asia. In fact, since 1930, the team has been participating in and declining the Asian qualifying rounds for the World Cup, but they have lost in the qualifying rounds and declined in all of the tournaments. Moreover, the reality is that they have not even advanced to the final qualifying round. The level of Asia has increased now, but even Asia, which is considered to be one of the lowest continents in the world, is completely ineffective.

1950 Declined participation in the FIFA World Cup main tournament

However, the Indian national team qualified for the 1950 FIFA World Cup finals. However, just before the tournament, he declined to participate. The reason was that I wanted to participate barefoot, but FIFA refused.

Why is Indian soccer weak? What is the reason?

Why is Indian soccer weak? I will go into depth and explain why.

Cricket is the most popular sport

Actually, soccer is not popular in India. Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and field hockey and badminton are also very popular. Many professional players have been born in this field, and the country is particularly strong at cricket, ranking second in the world. The reality is that soccer is not being strengthened because talented people do not choose soccer.

Poor people aim to play major sports

In Brazil, the poor play soccer to escape poverty. This is what makes it cricket in India, not soccer. Cricket has a large number of viewers on television, and as a result, cricket is very developed commercially, and many poor people choose cricket as a way to escape poverty. Soccer is not chosen in the first place.

They don’t pay attention to other sports

Due to the above background, cricket has become a major industry in India. There are players who are paid hundreds of millions of yen in Japanese yen, and when they become famous players, they receive annual salaries and funds from sponsors. Cricket is said to be India’s biggest religion. Although India is experiencing economic growth, the gap between rich and poor is large, with 70% of the wealth being controlled by the richest 1%. The rest of the poor inevitably turn to cricket.

Caste system also influences

Needless to say, India has a caste system. Although the long-standing caste system has faded considerably in urban areas, this caste consciousness still remains strong, and many Indians still resist the idea of people from different castes playing the same sport. For this reason, there is some resistance to playing soccer, which is a team sport.

Watch the World Cup live

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