Premier League: Are Arsenal and Tottenham on bad terms? The reason lies in the derby?

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Do Arsenal and Tottenham, who are playing against each other in London in the Big 6 of the Premier League, have bad relations? What is the reason? I will explain it in the article. Matches between these two teams are also known to be more exciting than you might imagine, as exemplified by the North London Derby. But did you know that they are also famous for not getting along?


What kind of team is Arsenal?

Arsenal is a professional soccer club based in London, England. Arsenal was founded in the 1800s, when the munitions industry was booming, and was founded by munitions factory workers. Due to this background, the emblem has a cannon. Although Arsenal have never won the UEFA Champions League, they are a famous team that has won the domestic title many times. As a result, it has many experiences of participating in European Cups, making it a famous sports club overseas.

What kind of team is Tottenham?

Tottenham Hotspur is a professional soccer club based in London, England. The team colors are white and navy blue, which are also reflected in the uniforms. This team also has a very high club income, earning 406.2 million euros in the 2020-2021 season, making it the 10th highest earner in Europe. The team is often featured in overseas news.

north london derby

The North London Derby is a soccer derby match between two clubs based in the capital, Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC. This is one of the most historic derby matches, and was first fought in 1887. You can see that this is a derby match with quite a long history. It will also be ranked in the derby rankings that fans pay attention to. The content attracts Premier League fans from all over the world, with many dramatic games that are more exciting than matches from Manchester City or West Ham.

Are Arsenal and Tottenham on bad terms? What is the reason

There are many opinions that Arsenal and Tottenham are not on good terms. As you can see from the matches, the fans are always very excited when both teams play. Let me explain the reason. Not only do you see passionate plays for victory, but they are also often the most watched games of the season, and are often discussed on social media, regardless of region or location.

Conflicts arise due to relocation of headquarters

Arsenal was originally formed by workers in the Woolwich area of south-east London under the team name Dial Square. However, in 1913 Arsenal moved to Highbury, just 6km from Tottenham’s home base of White Hart Lane. As a result, Tottenham supporters began to feel that a strange team had suddenly arrived in their neighborhood.

The two develop into a relationship of fate.

In 1919, a strange incident occurred. Tottenham were in the first division, but ended up at the bottom of the league. However, starting this year, the number of teams in the first division expanded to 20, and they should have been able to remain. However, when the FA decided to demote Tottenham to the 2nd division and promote Arsenal, which was in 5th place in the 2nd division, to the 1st division, various connections were made between the supporters of both teams.

Sol Campbell transfer scandal

In 2001, Tottenham’s leader Sol Campbell moved to Arsenal. Tottenham supporters furious after calling Sol Campbell a traitor. Moreover, because Campbell was transferred to Arsenal at the same time as his contract expired, there was no transfer fee, which caused even more anger. In the 2003-04 season, Arsenal won the league unbeaten at White Hart Lane, but Campbell was so frightened of Tottenham supporters that he disappeared into the dressing room immediately afterwards.

It will be a prohibited transfer.

Since then, there have been very few transfers of players between Arsenal and Tottenham. Transfers between the two clubs are treated as “forbidden transfers,” so the front office tends to be very nervous about transfers between both teams. The number of transfers since 2000 can only be counted on one’s fingers. After the North London derby, everyone was talking about it, and you can see the latest posts on Twitter and many images online. These days, it’s a match to decide the strongest number one, so supporters get excited too. Since we are rivals, there is a lot of coverage and distribution on topics.

Watch Premier League live

The Premier League is the richest and most competitive league in the world. The Premier League is broadcast live on various video streaming services. If you are interested, please take a look at the article below.

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