J League: Since when is JEF United Chiba officially in J2? Challenge for promotion

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Speaking of Jeff Chiba, he is a member of the Original 10, a professional soccer team that has been active since its inception. However, since experiencing relegation in the early 2000s, they have struggled to return to the J1 stage. It can be said that he is a typical representative who has fallen into the so-called J2 swamp. Since when has Jeff Chiba been in J2?


JEF United Ichihara/Chiba

JEF United Ichihara Chiba is a professional sports soccer team whose hometown is Ichihara City, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. Its predecessor was the Furukawa Electric Soccer Club in 1946, and its hometown was Ichihara until 2002. The club name “Jeff United” expresses the connection between the club and its hometown, and the team’s sense of cooperation and solidarity. It is now called JEF United Chiba.

original 10

Jeff Chiba is an Original 10 team that has been active as a professional soccer team since the J.League’s inception. Jeff Chiba was originally called Jeff United Ichihara, but the team name was changed in 2005. Along with this, my hometown also became Chiba City. However, it is not as popular as professional baseball’s Lotte. There is also little media exposure.

home stadium

The home stadium used to be Ichihara Ryokuchi Sports Park Rinkai Stadium. However, when Fukuda Denshi Arena was built in 2005, it was designated as the home stadium. Fukuda Denshi Arena is a stadium that can accommodate around 20,000 spectators.

chiba derby

Chiba Derby refers to the match between Jeff Chiba and Kashiwa Reysol based in Kashiwa City. The first match between the two teams was in 1993, so it has a long history. Also, unlike this, there is a preseason match called the Chibagin Cup, in which the same teams play against each other.

Since when has Jeff Chiba been in J2?

Since when has Jeff Chiba been in J2? When did it fall to J2 in the first place? Many people may be concerned about this point. Now, let’s look back at Jeff Chiba’s history.


The J League began in 1993. Jeff Chiba plays for a professional soccer team called the Original 10. In the J.League, attendance was second only to Verdy Kawasaki in 1993, but for nine years from 1997 to 2005, annual attendance was the lowest in the J1 league, and the club came to be recognized as not very popular. I did.


Jeff Chiba was in danger of being relegated to J2 before, but the biggest crisis came in 2008. They are undefeated in the opening 11 league games, and are at the bottom of the league after losing seven straight games starting in round five for the first time in 15 years. Even with a change of manager, they were unable to improve, and as of the end of the 32nd round, they were in 17th place, within the automatic relegation zone. However, in the final match against FC Tokyo, although they trailed 0-2, they miraculously managed to stay in the league by scoring four points in 11 minutes starting from the 29th minute of the second half.


But miracles don’t happen all the time. Jeff has weakened by transferring the main players who participated last season. Jeff Chiba fell to 17th place in the 4th round of the league match. After that, a large number of immediate reinforcements were implemented, but nothing came of it, and they finished in last place in the league. This was the first time in the club’s history, including the Koga era, that the club was demoted to a lower league, and this was a humiliating experience. After this, Chiba disappeared from J1.


Even in the J.League, there are no Japanese representative-level players, and this is Chiba’s first J2. Of course, the club’s goal was to return to J1 immediately. However, the reality was harsh, and they did not return to J1 after one year due to many inconsequential battles, and finished the year in 4th place. From this point on, Jeff Chiba gradually becomes mired in a quagmire. Along with Tokyo Verdy, J2 became a reserved seat. Jeff is no longer mentioned in the news.


In 2012, they joined the promotion battle, but ultimately failed to make it into the J1 automatic promotion range, finishing in 5th place and entering the playoffs. However, although they defeated 4th place Yokohama FC in the playoffs, they lost 0-1 in the next match against Oita and were not promoted to J1.


This year, the club raised the slogan, “Absolutely J1.” They finished the season in 5th place and advanced to the playoffs. However, this year they ended up in a draw against Tokushima and were unable to be promoted due to the rules.


In 2014, they made another attempt at the playoffs, making it their third consecutive year to participate in the playoffs. But I lose again. Their opponent was Yamagata, and they lost the match, making them eliminated from the playoffs for the third consecutive year.


This year, we will be participating in the promotion playoffs for the first time in a while. However, they lost to 3rd place Nagoya in the semi-finals of the playoffs, and were once again unable to advance to J1. Since then, Chiba has had a hard time making it to the playoffs, and in fact, it has been a struggle to stay in J2.

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