J League: Why is Matsumoto Yamaga FC weak even in J3? Explanation of the reason: Is the director the cause?

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Why is Matsumoto Yamaga, a professional soccer club in the J League, weak in the J3? Let me explain why. Matsumoto Yamaga was once a team in J1, so it would be normal to think that they are not a team that would be in J3 in the first place. However, now J3 has become a reserved seat, and even promotion to J2 is difficult. Why did this happen?


What kind of team is Matsumoto Yamaga?

Matsumoto Yamaga’s parent organization is Yamaga Soccer Club, which was founded in 1965. In 2005, the team name was changed from Yamaga Soccer Club to Matsumoto Yamaga FC. It joined the J League in December 2011 and is one of the professional soccer clubs that has experience from the J1 League to the J3 League. This is a soccer club located in Nagano Prefecture. His strength is his defensive style, which allows him to withstand the opponent’s attacks. The way they play as a relatively new soccer team is also worth paying attention to. There seems to be something that attracts people and many people are curious about it. It is also featured in the news with predictions of transfers and grades.

Teams that have experience from J1 to J3

There are very few teams that have experience from J1 to J3. Not only Matsumoto Yamaga but also Oita Trinita and Omiya Ardija fall under this category. Conversely, it would be a very rare case for someone to experience all three of these categories. I also get the impression that the reinforcement is good. In fact, the point was that I went through it all at once. To date, there have not been many teams that have fallen this far and lost everything.

Why is it so popular?

As any Matsumoto Yamaga supporter who has ever seen a match in person knows, they are very popular. The biggest reason for this is that in the Shinshu and Chubu regions, there was no other passion or entertainment, such as professional baseball, even for sports. There is a soccer stadium called Alwyn, which also attracted a lot of attention from the people of the prefecture. That’s why many fans are paying attention. They are a well-received team, even in a bad way.

Japanese national team players were also included.

Matsumoto Yamaga was a plain and completely underpowered team in J1. Among them was an attacker named Maeda, who played in the Scottish league and grew into a famous player who was even selected for the Japanese national team. In addition, Yamaga has acquired players with national team experience in the past, such as Naoki Matsuda and Yosuke Kashiwagi, and is actually a club that has a surprisingly large number of famous players. There were many players who stood out to me.

Why is Matsumoto Yamaga weak even in J3? About the reason

Matsumoto Yamaga was originally a team in the J1 League, and when they were in J1 they were definitely a weak team, but it’s still strange that they can’t win in J3. Why is this? Supporters are probably well aware of this, so I will introduce a list of personnel for other supporters. This is a team that has the image of always conceding big goals in important matches and situations, and is often predicted to be a transfer destination for players.

front error

One of the reasons for this is the front team’s lack of control over their soccer style. Coach Sorimachi, who played for eight seasons, had a defensive style, and coach Shibata, who was in charge in J2, also had a defensive style. However, the front office insisted on an attacking style and tried to score goals instead of Nanami, causing the team’s style to deteriorate and causing confusion. Furthermore, in 2021, there was a large number of players released and reinforcements, so team tactics did not penetrate, and the field was chaotic. As a result, they were relegated to J3.

There are many changes during the season.

When it comes to coaches, there are many changes during the season. After all, there are many patterns in which players give up and are dismissed because they are unable to aim for a top spot midway through, but if you change the manager while aiming for victory, it is difficult to determine the direction of the team. I can’t shake the impression that the gears are out of whack because we’ve been stuck in J3 for two or three years. Every year, the information shows that they are promoted to higher ranks or promoted, but they fail without being able to surpass them.

Always lose in important matches

I’m sure Matsumoto Yamaga’s supporters believe that they will definitely lose in this important match. This has become more noticeable since they were demoted to J3, and they have to fight for promotion every year, but they often end up giving the rival team the points they need at critical moments, making them weak. It has become very noticeable. I have a feeling that Matsumoto will continue to feel the same way not only last season, but also this season and next season.

Director changes soon

The problem with Matsumoto Yamaga’s lack of stability is that it is difficult for the manager to fix him. There seems to be a tendency for the front office to stick to an aggressive style, but it is the defensive style that is producing results. After Coach Sorimachi, managers have been fired after less than two seasons, and the direction of the team is completely unclear. There are a lot of fans supporting us in Japan, so I want them to play soccer that shows their potential.

Let’s watch J League

In the J League, you can watch thrilling battles every game. If you subscribe to a video streaming service, you can watch every game live. I will introduce it in the article below, so if you are interested, please take a look.

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