J League: Why is Shonan Bellmare weak in J1? What is the reason why you don’t have the power and can’t win?

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Speaking of the J League’s Shonan Bellmare, they are lower in J1 games and either relegated or remain, but in J2 they are ranked higher in the league, and compared to Marinos and Yokohama FC, they are modest, and I can’t shake the impression that they are weak in J1. But why is Shonan always said to be weak? And for what reason is it always so weak?


What kind of team is Shonan Bellmare?

Shonan Bellmare was founded in 1994 as a professional sports club called Bellmare Hiratsuka, with the soccer club of Fujiwa Real Estate as its predecessor. Home stadium is Lemon Gas Stadium Hiratsuka. They don’t have a lot of supporters and are clearly a low-key team in J1. In 2000, the team name was changed to Shonan Bellmare. Next, we will introduce a list of team information.

Hometowns in 9 cities and 11 towns in western Kanagawa Prefecture

Shonan Bellmare has home towns in 9 cities and 11 towns, including Atsugi City, Isehara City, Odawara City, Chigasaki City, Hadano City, and Fujisawa City. News about the team is more prevalent in the media than I expected, and events for fans are often held.

There are many famous players

Speaking of Shonan Bellmare, Hidetoshi Nakata is probably the most famous. There were famous players who played in Perugia, Roma, Parma, etc. Not only that, Wataru Endo is also very famous. After transferring to Urawa, Endo went to Europe and played in Germany before becoming one of the great players who also plays for Liverpool.

Teams wandering between J1 and J2

Speaking of Shonan Bellmare, you can’t shake the impression of the Elevator Club. In particular, from the 2000s to the 2010s, they were known as a team that moved back and forth between J1 and J2, and were repeatedly promoted and demoted.

Why is Shonan Bellmare weak? What is the reason you can’t win?

Why is Shonan Bellmare weak? What is the reason you can’t win? Let’s get to the core. I can’t shake the impression of the Elevator Club in Shonan. However, the reasons why its strength is not stable are due to the following factors.

Players are unable to maintain their position

Shonan can’t shake the impression of being an elevator club, so they are destined to have their players poached by top clubs. This was especially noticeable in Urawa, where many players, including Endo, were pulled out. This is largely due to the factors explained next. The players who are the core of the team cannot be used as the core of the team, and the team members cannot be fixed, so the way the team plays is unstable.

Clubs with very little income

According to the 2022 club management information disclosure information, Shonan’s income is around 2.1 billion yen, which is by far the lowest among J1 clubs. As a result, it is difficult to secure and retain talented players. Because there are fewer players than the top clubs in J2, it is difficult to retain players.

It also has marginal residual power.

However, Shonan Bellmare is not all about negative aspects. In fact, the team is always on the verge of relegation in J1, but the image of them working hard every year to stay is strong. The running style becomes very strong in autumn when the heat eases. The style of overwhelming players with momentum fits well, and the sense of crisis keeps the players highly motivated, and there are matches where they overwhelm their opponents.

They have also been able to recover from the power harassment incident.

Shonan Bellmare was involved in a power harassment incident involving former manager Chou Ki-jae. After an investigation led by the J.League found power harassment, a negative image took root. However, since then, the team has been surprisingly stable and has managed to cling onto J1.

Let’s watch J League

The J League has many thrilling matches, so it is a league that we recommend watching. As mentioned in the article below, you can watch the game on a video streaming service. If you are interested, please register.

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