J League: Differences between Cerezo Osaka (C Osaka) and Gamba Osaka (G Osaka) Characteristics and Osaka Derby

J League

Cerezo Osaka and Gamba Osaka are relatively large clubs in the J League, and are clubs that have produced many of the best players in the J League. However, there are many people who say that they cannot tell much of a difference between the two, so I have summarized the differences between the two clubs.


What is Cerezo Osaka?

Cerezo Osaka is a professional soccer club based in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Cerezo Osaka’s predecessor was the Yanmar Soccer Club in 1957, and it is characterized by its strong influence from Yanmar. Cerezo Osaka has been relegated to J2, but they have won the Levain Cup and the Emperor’s Cup, so they are considered a strong team. Cerezo Osaka joined the J League in 1995, and is a club with a long history.

cherry blossoms

Cerezo means cherry blossom in Spanish. J’s supporters often refer to Cerezo Osaka as Sakura, and you can see that the pink team color is strongly recognized by supporters of other teams as well. By the way, cherry blossoms are the “city flower” in Osaka, and are also the symbol of the entire city of Osaka.

There are many famous players

Cerezo Osaka is probably the club with the most successful players in the J League. Hirotsugu Kiyotake went to Sevilla in Spain, Shinji Kagawa went to Dortmund in Germany and then Manchester United, Takashi Inui went to Eibar in Spain, and Takumi Minamino went to Liverpool in the Premier League, producing players who can play in major European leagues one after another. There is. No other team has produced so many successful players.

home stadium

Cerezo Osaka’s home stadium is Nagai Stadium, and from 2021 it will be called “Yodokou Sakura Stadium” due to Yodogawa Steel Works exercising its naming rights. The capacity is around 24,000 people, which is a bit small.

What is Gamba Osaka?

Gamba Osaka, on the other hand, is a professional soccer club whose hometown is Suita City, Osaka Prefecture. Gamba Osaka has many more titles than Cerezo Osaka, and is a strong team that has won the league championship, Yamazaki Nabisco Cup championship, Emperor’s Cup championship, and Asian Champions League championship. From 2000 to 2010, they were undoubtedly one of the top teams in the J1 League, but in the 2020s, there is a strong impression that they are in a slump and are suffering.

home stadium

The home stadium is Panasonic Stadium, which has a capacity of nearly 40,000 people. It used to be an Expo Stadium and was not a soccer stadium, so it was unpopular, but now that the stadium is dedicated to soccer, it has become much easier to watch games. Gamba and Cerezo are also sports clubs based in Osaka.


Gamba Osaka is strongly influenced by Panasonic. The operating company is Gamba Osaka Co., Ltd., and previously all shares were held by Panasonic, but since then Kansai Electric Power and Nishi-Nippon Railway have also become shareholders.

Downturn in the 2020s

Entering the 2020s, Gamba Osaka, which was said to be a regular at the top, is clearly struggling. Due to a lack of front office staff, failures in reinforcements, and a lack of foreign players or players who can play a central role, the team’s overall performance has been poor, and the team continues to languish at the bottom of the rankings.

Difference between Cerezo Osaka and Gamba Osaka

The differences between Cerezo Osaka and Gamba Osaka are as follows. If there are two teams to support in Osaka Prefecture, many people in the Kansai region may be wondering which one to support. We compared each item item by item. Both are sports clubs that represent Japan. Recently, information about the Osaka Derby has also been reported in overseas media around the world.

club popularity

Gamba Osaka is the most popular club. Cerezo has the better stadium accessibility, but Gamba Osaka’s hometown is not only Suita City, but also Ibaraki City, Takatsuki City, Ikeda City, Settsu City, and Minoh City, so Gamba Osaka does a better job of incorporating local areas. Cerezo Osaka involves cities designated by government ordinance, but the average number of spectators is relatively low.

  • Total match results (official matches)
  • Gamba Osaka: 27 wins, 11 draws, 22 losses
  • Cerezo Osaka: 22 wins, 11 draws, 27 losses

Club results

Gamba Osaka has always been stable in J1, with the exception of 2012 when they were relegated despite being the team with the most points, and have won a large number of titles. On the other hand, Cerezo Osaka has been unexpectedly demoted the following year after breaking into the top ranks, and their results have been difficult to stabilize. Cerezo Osaka has a lot of unstable matches overall.

Home stadium access

As a supporter, one of the biggest concerns is access to the home stadium. Gamba Osaka is inconvenient because it is quite a walk from Osaka Monorail Banpaku Koen Station to Panasonic Stadium Suita. On the other hand, Cerezo Osaka is only about 300m from the station, so it’s much better. From a supporter’s perspective, Cerezo Osaka is much easier to watch.

team revenue

Looking at the team’s revenue, Gamba Osaka had sales of 5.1 billion yen in 2018, while Cerezo Osaka’s sales were around 3.8 billion yen. Gamba Osaka’s team capital is 10 million yen, while Cerezo Osaka’s team capital is over 400 million yen.

club history

In the case of Cerezo Osaka, the origin is the Yanmar Soccer Club, which was founded in 1957. Gamba Osaka’s predecessor was the Matsushita Electric Industrial Soccer Club, which was founded in the 1980s, so Cerezo Osaka can be said to be a club with a longer history. By the way, many of the players participating in the derby match are selected to represent Japan on both sides. If you are seeing it for the first time, pay more attention to the players than the competition.

Osaka Derby

Osaka Derby refers to a match between Cerezo Osaka and Gamba Osaka. Cerezo Osaka joined J in 1995, and the Osaka Derby was born from there. In 2011, we both made it through the group stage and there was an Osaka derby on the Asian stage. In 2015, there was an Osaka derby in the Emperor’s Cup, so you can see that this matchup happens quite often. It is famous for the fact that the supporters are more excited than in regular matches. it may also be featured in the news in overseas media.

bad relationship

Actually, I’ve actually seen a match at the stadium, and the supporters of Cerezo Osaka and Gamba Osaka don’t get along very well. Maybe it’s because they’re from Osaka, but the supporters behind the goal tend to be particularly violent. Personally, I have the impression that Gamba Osaka supporters have a much worse pattern. People who engage in malicious behavior tend to have many supporters. Overall, the relationship between supporters has deteriorated significantly even in Kansai.

Pushed by the popularity of baseball

Both Cerezo Osaka and Gamba Osaka are soccer teams, but since the Hanshin Tigers baseball team is nearby, Kansai people are more interested in baseball than soccer. For this reason, it can be said that soccer fans are limited when it comes to the Kansai region. Looking at the length of their history, the Hanshin Tigers have an overwhelmingly longer history, which is why they have so many fans.

Let’s watch J League

The match between Cerezo Osaka and Gamba Osaka will be very exciting. You can watch J League matches live using the video streaming services introduced in the article below. If you are interested, please register.

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