Is access to Saitama Stadium 2002 bad? Explaining how to get there

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Is access to Saitama Stadium 2002 bad? We will explain how to get there (bus, train, taxi, etc.). Saitama Stadium 2002 is a stadium that is well known around the world, not only for watching Urawa Reds’ home games, but also for hosting Japan national team games and World Cup matches. I will introduce how to get to Saitama Stadium. I’ve done it thousands of times, so I’m confident.


What is Saitama Stadium 2002? basic information

Saitama Stadium 2002 is one of the soccer stadiums built to host the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan. It is one of the largest soccer stadiums in Japan and can accommodate 63,700 people, making it one of the largest stadiums in Asia. It is usually used for Urawa Reds’ home games, but it is also often used for Japan national team games.

NameSaitama Stadium 2002
Address2-1 Misono, Midori Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
AccessSaitama Rapid Railway Line (Saitama Stadium Line) Urawa Misono Station

Access is notoriously poor.

Access is notoriously poor. At the beginning of 2001, I went to every game, but there was nothing but rice fields around the stadium. Although it is now a residential area and there is an AEON, I think it still feels inconvenient. The address is 2-1 Misono, Midori Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, which is almost Iwatsuki. The Tohoku Expressway “Urawa IC” is nearby, but most people use the train or bus.

Frequently used in Japan national team matches

This stadium is also often used for matches held by the Japanese national team. It is often used as a home game not only for friendly matches but also for the Asian final qualifiers. Therefore, this article can be said to be a must-read not only for Japanese people but also for foreigners.

Which access method is appropriate?

So how can you actually get to this stadium? We will introduce the actual access methods for each.

Saitama Rapid Railway “Urawa Misono Station”

The most popular method is to use the Saitama High Speed Rail. The Saitama High Speed Railroad is connected to the Namboku Line, so you can even come from Tokyo. If you take the Namboku Line, you can also go from central Tokyo such as Roppongi and Azabu. Furthermore, it is a highly recommended route as it can be reached in one trip from Meguro. Please take a look at the route map URL below. From Urawa Misono Station on the Saitama Rapid Railway, it takes about 20 minutes to walk along a rural road.


Shuttle bus information

Although this is limited to Urawa Reds home games, there is a shuttle bus available. The following is the official guide to the Urawa Reds homepage. There is a shuttle bus from Urawa Misono Station on the Saitama Rapid Railway or Kitakoshigaya Station on the Tobu Skytree Line. Regarding Tobu Skytree Line, please check the route map etc. from the link below. The shuttle bus goes directly to the stadium, so you can cut out the walk.


departure stationFeeOperation schedule
Saitama Rapid Railway Urawa Misono StationAdult: 150 yen
Elementary school student: 80 yen
Runs at all games
Tobu Skytree Line Kitakoshigaya StationAdult: 360 yen
Elementary school student: 180 yen
Operates only for J1 League and Cup matches on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
Source : URL

Tohoku Expressway “Urawa IC”

You can also come by car. As you can see from the map above, the Tohoku Expressway runs right next to the stadium. It’s only 1.9km from Urawa IC, so you can get there quickly. There is parking available at the stadium. The front parking lot and north parking lot are open to the public. Check the details from the link below.

Opening hoursNumber of parking spaces
Front parking lot7:00-21:00
*May to August: 6:00 to 21:00
500 units
North parking lot7:00-21:00
*May to August: 6:00 to 21:00
130 units
Source : 駐車場のご案内

Route using airplane

Urawa Reds will play ACL as their home game, and the Japanese national team will also play their games here, so what should I do if I am a foreigner? It becomes. Introducing routes using airplanes. The nearest airport is Haneda Airport or Narita Airport. The route is to take a train from each airport to Urawa Misono Station on the Saitama Rapid Railway.

Time requiredrootURL
Haneda airport80-90 minutesTokyo Monorail Airport Rapid Hamamatsucho bound “Haneda Airport Terminal 1” ⇒ “Hamamatsucho” 18 minutes
2.JR Keihin Tohoku/Negishi Line bound for Minami Urawa “Hamamatsucho” ⇒ “Oji” 27 minutes
Saitama High Speed Rail “Oji” ⇒ “Urawa Misono” 20 minutes
20 minutes walk to the stadium
Narita airport80-90 minutesKeisei Narita Airport Line Access Limited Express Keisei Ueno “Airport 2nd Building” ⇒ “Higashi Matsudo” 32 minutes
JR Musashino Line Fuchu Honmachi bound “Higashi Matsudo” ⇒ “Higashi Kawaguchi” 27 minutes
Saitama High Speed Railway Urawa Misono “Higashi Kawaguchi” ⇒ “Urawa Misono” 3 minutes
20 minutes walk to the stadium

Points to note when going to the stadium

When you actually go to this stadium, please be careful of the following points based on my experience. In particular, explain real-life situations.

the trains are really crowded

More than 90% of people use the train to get to this stadium. Moreover, Urawa Misono is the only one nearby, so it gets especially crowded around 30 minutes before the game starts, and for about an hour after the game ends. Since the train is packed to the brim, the discomfort index is quite high. If you want to avoid it, there is an AEON in front of the station, so try relaxing before boarding the train.

There are many food stalls

It is a very long 20 minute walk from Urawa Misono to the home stadium, but there are many food stalls along the way. It may be cheaper to buy food at a food stall than to eat inside the stadium. However, there are many shops where the taste is a little strange.

There are many resellers

It’s a long 20-minute walk from Urawa Misono to the home stadium, but there are some people who sell tickets at high prices along the way. However, these people will sell you tickets for several times the normal ticket price, so be sure to avoid them.

Please be careful of the last train

The last train from Urawa Misono is around 0:00. If you miss this, you will have to walk a very long distance or call a taxi. Also, those using the Musashino Line from Urawa Misono via Higashi Kawaguchi should be more careful. The Musashino Line is a rural train, so the last train ends very early, around 0:00. Please take this into consideration when acting. There’s nothing around Higashi-Kawaguchi Station, so it’s very inconvenient and troublesome. There is almost nothing in the neighboring Higashi Urawa area.

Watch the Urawa match live

Urawa Reds matches are broadcast live on each broadcast station. The following article introduces the distribution service, so I hope you find it helpful.

ChannelPlanSoccer ContentsURL
DAZN3750national team
major europe leagues
J league
Hulu¥1026french league
dutch league
WOWOW2530UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
ABEMA TV¥960national team
World Cup
Premier League
scottish league
スカパー¥429 + ¥2480national team
emperor’s cup soccer
J SPORTS1100fifa world youthJ SPORTS