J League: Why is FC Tokyo weak? Why is the team weak?

J League

Why is FC Tokyo so weak in Japan’s J-League that they can’t win the championship? I will explain why the game is weak. FC Tokyo is a team based in the capital, Tokyo. For this reason, it seems like they have a lot of financial power and many famous players, but in reality, they are far from a consistently winning team and have never won a league match.


What kind of team is FC Tokyo?

FC Tokyo is a professional sports club based in Tokyo, Japan, and is a member of the J League. The team is also featured in photos, images, and videos on international and domestic sports news and the web. The home stadium is Ajinomoto Stadium, and the supporters are quite enthusiastic, and the number of spectators is at a reasonable level. We will introduce the features in a list.

Sponsor mainly from Tokyo Gas

Since the team is based in Tokyo, they have a good number of sponsors. It currently has funding from 362 organizations and receives support from Tokyo Gas affiliates and partner companies. Therefore, the soccer club that was first established in 1935 was also called the Tokyo Gas Soccer Club.

Has experience of being relegated to J2

When you think of FC Tokyo, you get the impression that they are constantly competing in J1. However, they have actually experienced being demoted to J2. In 2011, he was in J2. However, for most of the season, they have settled in J1, and although they cannot win the championship, they are known as a team that will not be demoted.

There is a Tokyo Derby

The Tokyo derby is a match between FC Tokyo and Tokyo Verdy, the once prosperous old powerhouse. Nowadays, FC Machida Zelvia also appears in Tokyo, and the match between Tokyo Verdy 1969 and FC Machida Zelvia is called the “Tokyo Classic.”

Why is FC Tokyo weak? What is the reason?

As explained above, some people have a very strong image of FC Tokyo because it is based in the capital, Tokyo. However, contrary to that image, FC Tokyo is actually not that strong, but rather weak. What is the reason? It depends on the era, but the team isn’t at the top of the rankings, doesn’t have the explosive power to score, and often loses to their opponents, so they’re not very impressive.

We are inferior to other teams in terms of financial strength.

In terms of financial strength, they are actually lower than other teams. FC Tokyo will be ranked 8th in terms of sales in 2022, which is surprisingly low. If we don’t have a lot of sales, it means we can’t have all the good players. There are no famous players, so it’s not very popular. In the past, there were players like Nagatomo and Konno who were on the Japanese national team, but that is a story from the past.

Although it is in Tokyo, it is not popular.

Although the team is based in Tokyo, they are not popular. Why is this? Actually, Tokyo is based in Chofu, not the 23rd ward. No one wants to go to Tobitakyu, a suburb that is in a bad location and rarely visited by anyone. Partly because of that, people in Tokyo tend to get the impression that we are a poor team in the suburbs. Tokyo also has a lot of entertainment, and entertainment and otaku culture are more prosperous than soccer.

Japan’s weakest city in soccer

In fact, Tokyo is a very weak city even in the professional soccer league. Zelvia, Verdy, and FC Tokyo are actually weak. Teams in the Kanto region are generally strong, but is FC Tokyo stronger than Kawasaki Frontale, Yokohama Marinos, or Urawa Reds? When I say that, hardly anyone nods. Their earnings are weaker and less popular than the powerhouse teams, so mid- to low-ranked teams are becoming reserved seats in league matches. In other words, the culture of soccer has not taken hold in Tokyo.

There is also a tendency to not be able to see the concept of the team.

Speaking of soccer, there is also a tendency to not be able to see the concept of the team. A weak factor is that the team often changes its manager or tactics quickly. Compared to other powerful clubs, I can’t shake the impression that the core of their soccer style hasn’t been developed over a long period of time.

J League can be watched online and on TV

The J.League is a very exciting league, and you never know who will win at any time. You can watch the J League live using the services introduced below. If you are interested, please go to the stadium or watch the game on TV. We recommend the following content, so take a look at the official link of the operating company.

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DAZN3750national team
major europe leagues
J league
Hulu¥1026french league
dutch league
WOWOW2530UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
ABEMA TV¥960national team
World Cup
Premier League
scottish league
スカパー¥429 + ¥2480national team
emperor’s cup soccer
J SPORTS1100fifa world youthJ SPORTS


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