J League: Why can’t Kawasaki Frontale win in the ACL? What is the reason for its weakness?

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Kawasaki Frontale is recognized as one of the strongest clubs in the J League. With so many wins, no one would think that Kawasaki is weak. However, this is only a domestic issue. Kawasaki has absolutely no chance of winning on the Asian stage. The reality is that most J League supporters have no expectations whatsoever for Kawasaki.


What is Kawasaki Frontale?

Kawasaki Frontale is a professional soccer club based in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. There is no J League supporter who doesn’t know Kawasaki. Kawasaki has won the J1 league many times, and has won the J2 league many times as well. Furthermore, they have won the Emperor’s Cup and the Levain Cup, so they are one of the strongest teams that everyone recognizes. There are many people who feel that they are very strong because they have a brilliant track record in Japan. The players on this team have a very high possibility of being selected for the Japan national team.


The predecessor of Kawasaki Frontale was the Fujitsu Soccer Club in 1955, and it is a club that has a very strong relationship with Fujitsu. It joined the JFL in 1992 and became the current Kawasaki Frontale in 1997. Therefore, Fujitsu is a major shareholder and we have a very strong relationship.

home stadium

Their home stadium is Todoroki Stadium, which can accommodate 26,000 people. However, this stadium is not very suitable for watching soccer matches. This is because this stadium is not only for soccer, but has an athletics track, so it is not very easy to watch games. It’s a very modest stadium for a top team.

club colors

The club color is based on saxophone blue, with black and white mixed together. This is also reflected in the uniforms worn at home games. When it comes to away games, it’s often white and black.

Kanagawa Derby

There is a match called Kanagawa Derby. This refers to matches between teams based in Kanagawa Prefecture, such as Kawasaki, Yokohama F, Yokohama FC, and Shonan. Kanagawa Prefecture has a large number of soccer teams, so the term “Kanagawa Derby” may be a term that has become somewhat unpopular among fans. Therefore, it is not considered to be of high importance.

Low rating in Asia

Kawasaki has not achieved any results in the ACL Champions League. The image has become entrenched that even if we can win the league, we cannot win in Asia. While Urawa, Kashima, and Gamba Osaka have already won championships, and have also won the J League, Kawasaki is the only team with no experience in Asia. Therefore, at the moment, we do not have the reputation of being a top-level club in Asia. Their results are not good at all and they are far from winning, so they are not doing well overseas at all.

Why can’t Kawasaki Frontale win in ACL? The reason

Although Kawasaki Frontale has won the J1 League many times, they have never won the Asian Champions League. In fact, they never even made it to the finals. Why is Kawasaki so weak? The frequency of losing in GL is so high that even J supporters are stunned. Kawasaki ranks high in domestic strength rankings, but the reality is that they are losing. Even if they decide to participate, their rankings are not good, they are unable to break through, and they do not even reach the final tournament.

2007Best 8
2009Best 8
2014Best 16
2017Best 8
2021Best 16

Uchibenkei team

For better or for worse, Kawasaki is one of the teams that push their own style of soccer. For this reason, even if the team can play a good game at home, it often results in poor results when playing in a foreign country. In other words, it can be said to be a typical Uchibenkei team. In modern soccer, it has become commonplace for players to change their form like chameleons depending on the opponent. Kawasaki is clearly not prepared. Compared to other J League clubs, they have not won the most games and have not been able to advance to the final tournament.

Supporters shouting that it’s a punishment game

This is the underlying reason why Kawasaki is said to be unable to win in the ACL, but supporters often refer to the ACL as a “punishment game.” It may be said that there is also a problem with supporters who often behave in ways that can be seen as escaping reality. However, from a soccer player’s point of view, he really wants to win. The players truly want to make Frontale a winning team. He is actively acquiring players and is reinforcing forwards, but he is only in the top 8. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth more than a league match. As Urawa Reds has proven, ACL raises a club’s profile.

They can’t win since Oniki became a Director.

Kawasaki has been coached by Oniki since 2017. However, ever since Oniki became the manager, the ACL has been a cruel battle. Since Oniki took over as coach, instead of winning the championship, they have been losing in the group stage, and I have to say that the coach’s skill has something to do with it. There are many players who have played in the World Cup, and even though they have the ability, the reality is that they cannot win once the season begins.

The quality of the players is high

Kawasaki is regarded as a club with very high quality players. In recent years, Mitomata has been active with Brighton in the Premier League, Morita has been a steady regular with Sporting, a powerhouse in the Portuguese league, and Flagbearer has been active with Celtic. I can’t imagine that at all. Kawasaki has produced a large number of Japanese national team players, so they are blessed with more players than teams such as South Korea. . In that case, I would have to say that the problem lies with the director and front staff.

Let’s watch J League

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