Premier League: Why has Arsenal become weaker? The reason is?

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Speaking of Arsenal, which is currently weak, many people will remember the uncontested championship during the Arsene Wenger era. However, those days are now a thing of the distant past. Arsenal are currently considered one of the big six, but the current situation is that they are not a big enough club to have the power to win championships.



Arsenal is a professional soccer club based in London, England. Arsenal was founded in the 1800s, when the munitions industry was booming, and was founded by munitions factory workers. Due to this background, the emblem has a cannon. Although Arsenal have never won the UEFA Champions League, they are a famous team that has won the domestic title many times. As a result, it has many experiences of participating in European Cups, making it a famous sports club overseas.


Arsenal’s nickname is the Gunners. The club’s motto is “Victory comes from harmony.”

2003-2004 was the golden age

Arsenal’s peak season was undoubtedly the 2003-2004 season. This season, they won the Premier League without a penalty, and the team, led by French captain Vieira, as well as Henry and Pires, displayed overwhelming strength and won the championship. They won the FA Cup in the 2004-05 season, and this period is arguably their best. During Wenger’s era, he excited the league with Chelsea and other teams with his high-level tactics.

home stadium

The home stadium is the Emirates Stadium, which is a soccer-only stadium and has a capacity of 60,000 people, making it a very large stadium. It is said to be the fifth largest stadium in England.

Why did Arsenal become weaker? The reason

Why did Arsenal become weaker? The reasons for this are listed below. Even in matches like the Champions League, we lose easily, and it is difficult for our opponents to score points, so we end up losing without being able to do anything. I often see fans disappointed after games on the news. It’s a far cry from the days when they were undefeated.

The presence of Arsene Wenger

In the early 2000s, when Arsenal were consistently winning, Arsenal was managed by Arsene Wenger. He ended up managing Arsenal for 22 years, and up until his mid-term he had very stable results and was definitely a strong team. However, in the second half, the team became sluggish and became stagnant. Around this time, Arsenal began to decline. Although Wenger’s successor was able to win the FA Cup, the current situation is that they are far from winning the league championship.

Premier League level up

One of the reasons for Arsenal’s decline is the leveling up of the Premier League. Even lower-tier Premier League clubs now have players representing each country, creating an environment that makes it relatively difficult for Arsenal to win. When Arsenal were winning, they were called the Big 4, and the other teams were just being mowed down, but now that is no longer the case.

weak match

Arsenal always lose when it matters most. This may be due to the club’s history, or perhaps it is due to its low level of experience, but it is difficult to win when it matters most. They stall at critical moments and end up helping their rivals. It can be said that their competitive weakness is clearly outstanding among the Big 6. Therefore, there is no sense of stability compared to the top teams.

Player base is thin

This is related to the leveling up of the Premier League, but the player base is thin. In the past, there were a lot of players who wanted to go to Arsenal, but now even lower-ranked clubs can offer pretty good salaries, so it’s hard to find players who want to come to Arsenal. This has made it difficult to secure high-quality players, and the pool of players has become thinner. In recent years, Arsenal has had more young players than established players.

lack of military strength

Unfortunately, considering Arsenal’s current strength and player quality, it cannot be said that they are outstanding in the Premier League. They don’t have the power to win, and are probably at the bottom of the Big 6. The current overall evaluation of Arsenal should be that they are clearly one step inferior to the likes of Manchester City.

No winning experience

In the case of Arsenal, compared to other big clubs, they clearly lack championship experience. The fact is that they are inferior to other big clubs, Manchester United and Liverpool, both in terms of the number of league wins and cup wins. The same goes for Tottenham in terms of their lack of wins, but it can also be said that their lack of experience points is also a hindrance.

financial strength

The reality is that the financial power of Premier League clubs is getting stronger every year. For this reason, even lower-ranking clubs are now able to have representative players, and there are also teams like Manchester City who can spend as much money as they want to buy famous players, so it is relatively This has created a situation where it is difficult for Arsenal to win the championship.

Let’s watch the Premier League

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