Serie A: AC Milan’s golden era and why it became weaker

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Speaking of AC Milan, it is a club that has a track record in European soccer and is said to be a powerhouse, but it has declined since around the 2010s and is no longer seen on the stage of the UEFA Champions League. Why did AC Milan decline? We are introducing it along with the golden age.


ac milan

AC Milan is a professional soccer club based in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. AC Milan is Italy’s representative soccer team, along with Inter and Juventus, and these three teams are said to be the Big 3 in Serie A. They are the most experienced team with the most UEFA Champions League wins of any Italian club. It was founded in 1899, so it is a club with quite a long history.


They are called Rossonero and Diavolo because their team color is red. By the way, supporters are called Milanistas.


Berlusconi, who passed away in 2023, can truly be said to have contributed to creating Milan’s golden era. After buying Milan in 1986, he spent a lot of money acquiring famous players and creating a golden era for Milan. He created the golden era of the Ancelotti era in the early 2000s, also during the era of the Dutch trio.

financial deterioration

AC Milan was at the height of its prosperity, but since the 2010s it has been in a slump. This was due to the fact that with the introduction of FFP, they were forced to rebuild their finances, which made it difficult to attract famous players, which led to a drop in performance. Gradually, they were no longer able to participate in the UEFA Champions League and were stuck in mid-table in Serie A, but in the 2020s they are showing signs of revival.

milan derby

The Milan derby between Milan and Inter is a match that attracts attention all over the world. This match is always watched by soccer fans all over the world. Juventus, Milan, and Inter are the big clubs in Italy, so the match will attract a lot of attention both domestically and internationally.

AC Milan’s golden era

Speaking of AC Milan’s golden era, it would be two things: If you’re a Serie A fan, you probably remember both eras well.


Milan’s golden era began with Arrigo Sacchi. It was Berlusconi, as explained above, who brought in this then-unknown director. Sacchi’s pressing soccer tactics shocked the soccer world at the time. In addition to advanced tactics, the Dutch trio was formed with the addition of Gullit from PSVA, Van Basten from Ajax, and Rijkaard. They solidified their defense with Italian players, won the Scudetto, won two consecutive UEFA Champions Cups, and even won the Toyota Cup. We truly created a golden age without rivals. However, with Sacchi’s retirement during the 1990-1991 season, an era came to an end. After 1996, the industry entered a complete transition period and entered a period of stagnation.


It was not until the early 2000s that Milan again became a top-flight club in European football. The 2001-2002 season had poor results, but things changed when Ancelotti took over. The strategy of using Pirlo, who had been below the top as a register, was a big hit. In addition, Kaka played a big role, pushing Rui Costa aside, and with Ukrainian attacker Shevchenko at the center, they won the UEFA Champions League in the 2002-2003 season. They also won the 2006-2007 UEFA Champions League. They also won the Scudetto in the 2003-2004 season. Milan undoubtedly had the most consistent results in the UEFA Champions League during this era.

Why AC Milan has become weaker

AC Milan rapidly declined in the 2010s. What is the reason for this?

Introduction of FFP

AC Milan has been managed profligately with Berlusconi’s abundant funds. Thanks to him, the club entered a golden era, but thanks to the introduction of FFP, sound management was required. Club owners are no longer able to use their own funds to provide financial compensation, and they are no longer able to spend as much money on acquiring players as they used to. This made it difficult to recruit talented players. AC Milan was like Berlusconi’s debauchery team, so it was by no means an ideal club.

Rise of the Premier League

The second reason is the rise of the Premier League. With the rise of the Premier League, teams began to adopt reinforcement strategies that relied on money, and Serie A found it difficult to acquire talented players. Promising players gradually stopped coming to Serie A, which lacked financial strength, and this led to the league’s decline as a result.

failure of generational change

The last golden age was 2006-2007, when the aging population was seen as a problem. Despite this, they did not initiate a generational change. Therefore, in the 2010s, they decided to make a generational change, but they adopted a strategy of first releasing their current main players and then acquiring younger players. As a result, the framework of the team was not formed, and the team was left in disarray.

Appointment of new director

It is a very difficult task to rebuild a team that has fallen into decline, and even veteran managers cannot easily rebuild it. Despite this, there was a time when Milan used a new manager. Needless to say, the result was a failure. I fell as far as I could go.

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