DAZN: Is the price too high? How to get cheap discounts, monthly plans, and the latest deals


DAZN is a famous video distribution service with many channels available for viewing and more than 10 million users worldwide. However, in recent years, prices have been rising, and users have started to complain that they are too expensive.


Why did DAZN prices increase?

DAZN viewing fees tend to rise every year. This is clear from the following, as you can see that the price is rising year by year. Regarding the reason for the price increase, the company explained, “Providing content requires investment.To monetize it, we considered a price commensurate with premium content.”However, some viewers were not satisfied. It looks like there are a lot of them. Therefore, in recent years, DAZN has introduced a global plan, which can be watched for 980 yen per month.

YEARMonthly feeAnnual plan

DAZN allows you to pay for your account using prepaid cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Please note that the payment amount may vary depending on the device. Check the official website for the latest information.

DAZN also has content other than soccer.

DAZN has received a lot of criticism for being too expensive, but on the other hand, it is also true that you can watch a lot of sports channels. Soccer and baseball are the most popular, but there is no doubt that there are other services such as rugby, volleyball, and golf that are more abundant than other video distribution services.

How can I watch DAZN at the cheapest price?

As mentioned above, DAZN viewing fees continue to rise year by year. It is natural that there are opinions that this cannot be popular. There are ways to lower the price of DAZN, so if you are interested, please consider them. Overall, it’s definitely an annual plan. There are some plans that you can watch for free, but most of them are for a limited time, so the trial element is extremely high. We have summarized discounts and ways to lower your monthly payments. We have summarized benefits and information.

Annual plan

If you choose DAZN’s “Annual Plan”, you can save about 3,900 yen. If you pay for the yearly plan all at once, you will save 14,400 yen per year compared to paying the monthly fee every month. However, with the annual plan, as the name suggests, you have to look at it all year round. If you cancel midway through, you will also cut your loss. Most people who watch sports such as soccer and professional baseball subscribe to the annual plan. The procedure is easy, there are many broadcasts, and there are Netflix and Sky PerfecTV! It’s more fulfilling than that.

DAZN for docomo

DAZN for docomo is a plan that users can subscribe to anywhere. The monthly fee is 3,700 yen, but the points earned are 673 points every month and 8,076 points per year, so it is cheaper because you earn points and pay. As a result, the monthly fee can be reduced to around 3000 yen.


If you use it in conjunction with DMM, a service that specializes in anime, it will be much cheaper than subscribing to DAZN alone, even though you can also watch DMM content. However, if you do not want to view DMM content, there will not be much benefit, and you will have to pay extra. If you use this campaign, you can use the set for 2,980 yen.

au・UQ mobile

If you have an au/UQ mobile smartphone contract, there is a 1-month free campaign for DAZN. If you apply for cancellation during the free period, you can watch it for free and also cancel your membership, but in this case, the viewing period is only one month, so we do not recommend it for those who want to continue.

DAZN Global

This plan was born out of criticism of DAZN’s price hike. The biggest problem is that you can’t watch soccer on DAZN Global. You can watch mixed martial arts, boxing, triathlon, and wrestling, but there are no major sports. The monthly fee is 980 yen. Check out the details on the official website. Not recommended for entertainment purposes.

au 5G DAZN

Limited to au users, if you subscribe to au 5G DAZN, you can get one month of DAZN free. However, you can call it a trial plan since the regular fee will be charged after 2 months. Not recommended for those who want to watch it continuously.

J League team annual pass

This is a DAZN annual viewing pass purchased at the J League online store. You can purchase a one-year viewing pass for 27,000 yen. Therefore, it is 3000 yen cheaper than the annual plan. This plan requires continuous viewing. Annual passes can be purchased from each J League team, so please contact each club for inquiries. It is recommended because it also broadcasts videos of minor league games such as the Asian Qualifiers and Ligue 1.

povo2.0 DAZN unlimited use pack

By using the topping service available to povo2.0 users, you can watch DAZN as much as you want for 7 days after completing your purchase. However, after that, the regular fee will be charged and you will have to pay 3,700 yen, so it will be a trial plan. We do not recommend it if you plan on long-term viewing from the beginning.

If you want to watch soccer, watch DAZN

DAZN allows you to watch many sports broadcasts. Please refer to the article below. DAZN offers unlimited viewing of all genres including music, entertainment, sports viewing, martial arts, chess, dramas, seasonal dramas, and live streaming, which is better than other companies such as Amazon Prime. You can also set the viewing method from various media such as PC, smartphone, iPhone, etc.


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