DAZN: Recommended streaming that you can watch List of sports that you can watch with unlimited viewing


Although this blog only focuses on soccer topics, DAZN also has a wide range of sports broadcasts other than soccer. So, what kind of programs can you watch other than soccer? I would like to introduce you to


Basic monthly price plan at DAZN

The following price plans are available. There are Global and Standard plans, and Standard has monthly and annual plans. The monthly plan is an easy plan where you sign up for DAZN on a monthly basis and can cancel your membership at any time. With the annual plan, you can reduce your monthly cost by paying for the entire year in one go.

DAZN GlobalDAZN Standard
FeeMonthly fee: 980 yenMonthly fee: 3,700 yen
30,000 yen per year
Number of simultaneous viewing devices12
Number of registered devices35
mixed martial arts
snow board
existing content

Recommended internet environment for DAZN viewing

In order to watch DAZN comfortably, you need to have an internet environment in place. Since the image quality will vary depending on the internet connection speed, we recommend that you set up a high-speed internet environment.

connection speedimage quality
3.5MbpsHD quality
6.0MbpsHD quality and high frame rate
8.0MbpsThe highest image quality that DAZN can provide

List of sports programs that can be watched on DAZN

The sports broadcasts you can watch on DAZN are listed below. The most popular genres on DAZN are soccer and baseball. The number of users is overwhelmingly large. Where is it being distributed? The detailed list is below. You can rest assured that there will be missed broadcasts. We also broadcast overseas sports, so please check the official information page.

  • soccer
  • baseball
  • rugby
  • American Football
  • tennis
  • basketball
  • golf
  • volleyball
  • table tennis
  • mixed martial arts
  • wrestling
  • Athletics
  • bicycle
  • darts
  • F1


Soccer is broadcast live from Japan’s J1, J2, and J3 leagues. You can also watch the major European leagues. You can watch league and cup matches from England, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Turkey. However, please note that you cannot watch Germany’s Bundesliga. I also can’t watch league games in South America or the Champions League in Asia. We also broadcast the national team, but we cannot watch the World Cup.


For baseball, the Central League and the Pacific League will be officially broadcast live. You can also watch other American MLB leagues. In addition, it is also possible to watch open battles and the climax series, so the content is quite rich.


Unfortunately, the Rugby World Cup is not broadcast live. However, you can watch the Top League and the European League, and there are highlights of all the games, so it’s quite fulfilling.

American Football

American football broadcasts the NFL. However, the number of broadcasts is smaller than the above content, so some users may feel a little dissatisfied.


For tennis, we also handle Davis Cup, ATP World Tour 250 Series, WTA International Tournament, and WTA Premier Tournament, so the content is quite rich.


Basketball is broadcasting the FIBA World Cup.


The PGA Tour, the world’s premier men’s golf tour, will be broadcast. Please note that there will be no broadcasts of women’s golf. DAZN only broadcasts the first and second days of the PGA Tour, so there seems to be a bit of a lack of content.


For volleyball, you can watch the V League. Among sports content, DAZN has a wide range of volleyball broadcasts, including live broadcasts of Super College, the Emperor’s Cup, and the Empress’s Cup.

Register with DAZN

As mentioned above, DAZN has a wide variety of sports broadcasts, and in particular, it has an overwhelmingly rich selection of soccer content. If you are interested, please register. I recommend it because the screen has excellent functions and you can watch quite a lot of channels. Watch the hottest matches on your computer or smartphone. Some may not be available depending on the season. You can check the official status as it will be updated from time to time.