Soccer: How to watch Premier League for free? Live streaming service information explanation

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Is there a way to watch the Premier League for free? Information on live streaming services will be explained. We also introduce services and game schedules, so use this article as a reference when making your selection. The English Premier League is the most successful league in the world, so it is a recommended league.


Where can I watch the English Premier League?

You can watch the Premier League for free on two channels: SPOTV NOW and ABEMA. The point is that it is distributed throughout the season. There are cases where you can watch without paying, and you can also schedule in advance for Manchester United, Everton, Tottenham, Manchester City, Chelsea, Bournemouth, Fulham, Burnley, Newcastle, Brighton, Liverpool, West Ham, Aston Villa, Arsenal, etc. As you can see, it can be viewed on both smartphones and tablets. You can watch some of it on ABEMA TV for 960 yen.

ChannelPlanSoccer ContentsURL
ABEMA TV¥960national team
World Cup
Premier League
scottish league
SPOTV NOW2000Premier LeagueHome


The Premier League, the world’s highest league, is the only VOD (video distribution service) where you can watch all matches as much as you like. Soccer fans should take note. You will need to subscribe to a monthly plan, which starts at 2,000 yen, but an annual plan will cost 18,000 yen. SPOTV NOW also has a pack where you can enjoy SPOTV NOW at a great price with U-NEXT. To purchase the SPOTV NOW pack, you must have a U-NEXT contract. When it comes to packs, monthly plans can actually start from 800 yen. U-NEXT also offers a 31-day free trial for the first time.


ABEMA TV is a streaming service that allows you to enjoy a wide range of video genres, including not only soccer, but also movies, music, news, variety shows, anime, foreign dramas, and more. You can see the broadcast schedule of the Premier’s match card schedule, and you can sometimes enjoy it for free, so it is most recommended to try it out. Every month, there are many matches that are exclusive to paid ABEMA Premium, so I look forward to them. We recommend that you continue as a premium member for as long as possible. There is a 2 week free trial on the official website. You can also watch the Scottish Premiership.

ContentsFIFA World Cup
Premier League
Scottish Premier League

What is the Premier League? One of the best leagues in the world

The Premier League is a professional soccer league in England. In soccer, there are many leagues called the Premier League around the world, so it is easy to get them confused and confused. However, when we talk about the Premier League, we usually refer to England. The Premier League has the following characteristics: There is also the FA Cup, which has more matches and is more prosperous than La Liga. The season usually runs from August/September to May. I’m looking forward to seeing more and more Japanese players transfer.

The forces are evenly matched

Although the level of the Premier League is lower than that of Real Madrid and Barcelona in their heyday, there are still a lot of teams that are above the average level. There are a total of 20 teams participating in the Premier League, but the Premier League is probably the only league in which the lower-tier teams are made up of players representing each country. For this reason, the top teams are unable to easily commit turnovers and are forced to continue fighting without sacrificing their strength.

Leagues with long running periods

The Premier League has a longer running period than the major European leagues such as La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. The Premier League starts in early August and is packed with matches until late May of the following year. In other words, the period of playing league matches is as long as 10 months, and the off period is only 2 months. It’s a very crowded and tough league.

have financial strength

The Premier League is generally well-funded. This trend became more pronounced in the 2000s. The reason why the Premier League is so rich is simply because of the high income it receives from broadcasting rights. The Premier League, whose games are broadcast in more than 200 countries, generates annual revenue of about 270 billion yen in Japanese yen. In Serie A, the amount is 120 billion yen, and in the Bundesliga, it is approximately 100 billion yen, so you can see that the environment is completely different.

How to watch soccer

The company that owns the rights to soccer broadcasts changes every year, so be sure to check back frequently. The latest information is posted in the article below, so please use it as a reference only. We have carefully selected multiple distribution services that offer unlimited viewing of Europe’s major leagues, J League, and national teams on smartphone apps and PCs, and we have compiled a list of their contents for your reference. These are live broadcasts, so you can expect them. Let’s access it from the screen on the terminal.

ChannelPlanSoccer ContentsURL
DAZN\3750national team
major europe leagues
J league
Hulu¥1026french league
dutch league
WOWOW\2530UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
ABEMA TV¥960national team
World Cup
Premier League
scottish league
スカパー¥429 + ¥2480national team
emperor’s cup soccer
J SPORTS\1100fifa world youthJ SPORTS