Is Hulu old? Explanation of reviews and reputation, advantages and disadvantages

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Hulu is a popular video distribution service that allows you to watch over 100,000 movies, dramas, anime, variety shows, and more. The service has a large number of subscribers because you can watch not only entertainment videos but also many sports programs.


Hulu Company Profile and Basic Information

Hulu is owned by Walt Disney and NBCUniversal and is a very content-rich service. The content is not only sports, but also dramas, music, and even anime, so a variety of services are provided. There are also campaigns, exclusive distribution, and Nippon TV content from other companies.

Operating companyHulu
languageJapanese English
shareholderWalt Disney
Number of users15 million people
main officecalifornia usa
Broadcast typeVOD
Number of employees

Hulu monthly fee basic plan

The price plan is 1,026 yen (tax included) and iTunes Store payment is 1,050 yen (tax included). Unlike other video distribution services, there are no price plans or rental works, so it is very simple and easy to understand. Unlike other VOD services, there is no need to pay additional fees for the middle of the drama. You can enjoy all services for just a monthly fee. You can watch as many as 100,000 movies for 1,026 yen, so it’s a great value for money.

Hulu store

“Hulu Store” is a completely different service from Hulu, and is a video rental and purchase service that can be used even if you are not a Hulu member. One work costs 440 yen to rent, and 2800 yen to purchase. Whether you purchase or rent the software, you will not receive physical software such as DVD or Blu-ray, but everything will be distributed over the Internet.

What is Hulu’s free trial?

Hulu has a trial period called a free trial where you can enjoy paid content for free. The period is 2 weeks from registration. After the free trial period ends, the plan will automatically renew and you will be automatically subscribed to the paid plan. You can watch it on a trial basis, so you and your family can enjoy the latest content. You can see the latest works. This is a much smaller service than other VOD services.

How to pay Hulu monthly fee

Payment methods can be credit card, PayPay, and LINE Pay.

You can watch popular Nippon TV programs

Hulu is operated by a subsidiary of Nippon TV, so it has a lot of Nippon TV content. There is also a wide selection of popular dramas and variety shows. Furthermore, there are many TV dramas, so it is also recommended for those who like entertainment.

Disney plus set plan

Since Walt Disney is a shareholder of Hulu, there is a set plan for 1,490 yen (tax included) per month that includes unlimited viewing of Disney Plus channels. Disney Plus is a globally popular VOD service that offers unlimited viewing of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies.

Exclusive original content available on Hulu

Hulu has many original works exclusive to this service. We offer a wide range of original drama genres. That’s not all. Of course, you can watch a variety of content such as the latest foreign movies, domestic Japanese movies, new movies, masterpieces, Korean dramas, music, variety shows, series dramas, kids, magazines, e-books, documentaries, etc. Since there are many types, satisfaction is high, and the price is usually low.

Hulu’s picture quality is quite high quality.

Most of the videos distributed on Hulu are full HD or 4K compatible, so you can enjoy them in extremely high resolution.

Main features and recommended features of Hulu

Hulu has the following features:

account sharing

Hulu allows you to share one account with up to 6 people. There is no limit to the number of viewing devices you can register. On the other hand, there is also a restriction that simultaneous viewing is not possible.

Viewing history

Hulu has a viewing history that lets you see what you’ve watched in the past. You can view your viewing history from My List, but if you don’t want your viewing history to be seen, there is also a function that allows you to delete your viewing history.

Image quality changes depending on line speed

Video quality will vary depending on the line speed. Hulu recommends a download speed of 6Mbps or higher for PCs, TVs, and media players, and a download speed of 3Mbps or higher for smartphones.

missed delivery

Hulu is broadcasting missed episodes. If you have a missed broadcast, even if you miss a live broadcast, you can watch it later, which is a very useful feature.

Compatible terminal

The following devices are compatible. You can see that it is quite versatile.

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
  • Android smartphone/tablet
  • Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Panasonic TV
  • Sony TV
  • TCL TV
  • toshiba tv
  • LG TV
  • Hisense TV
  • iris ohyama tv
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • AQUOS Kokoro Vision Player
  • Chromecast
  • KDDI set top box
  • Panasonic set top box
  • PIXELA 4K Smart Tuner/PIXELA Smart Box
  • technicolor set top box
  • AMIGO 7X
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Nintendo Switch

Soccer content available on Hulu

The soccer programs that can be viewed are listed below.


Ligue 1

You can watch Ligue 1 of some French leagues on Hulu. Ligue 1 is said to be one of the five major leagues in Europe and is home to many promising young players.


You can watch the Eredivisie, the first division of the Dutch league, on Hulu. In recent years, the Eredivisie has become a stage for young players to excel, and many players who are likely to move to big clubs belong to the Eredivisie.

Hulu reviews and reputation

We have collected Hulu’s reviews and reputation from everyone.

I think the reason I started using Hulu’s video distribution service is that I live in Sapporo, so I don’t have to walk through the snow to get to the rental store, especially on cold nights in the middle of winter. Secondly, you can watch as much as you like 24 hours a day for a low price of less than 1,000 yen per month. Also, as long as you have an internet connection, you can easily enjoy videos anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or other various devices. Lastly, as a movie fan, I can’t stand the fact that the picture quality is better than DVD!

Huluの口コミ・評判&1分でわかる口コミまとめ | みん評 (

You can watch a considerable amount of videos for 980 yen per month. It’s definitely cheaper than renting a new release. In particular, it has a wide selection of foreign dramas, so you can watch them much cheaper than renting a lot of long foreign dramas. You can view it from your smartphone or tablet, so you can watch it anywhere, not just at home. I also think that the playback player is very easy to use, and the attention to detail such as the rewind button and resume function is very good. I highly recommend it to those who like foreign dramas.

Huluの口コミ・評判&1分でわかる口コミまとめ | みん評 (

I had a hard time figuring out how to cancel my subscription, so I looked it up on Yahoo and was finally able to do it. However, the withdrawals haven’t stopped for months, and it’s been 4 months already. When I log in to Hulu, it says that my subscription has ended.
Even if I inquire by email, there is no response! I can’t even connect to the phone.
It’s the worst service.
Give me my money back (angry)

Huluの口コミ・評判&1分でわかる口コミまとめ | みん評 (

I think the stability of the Oita service has improved, having overcome the previous severe service failure.
The browser you use to view the video has a lot of compatibility, and some browsers may have interruptions in streaming or be unable to view the video, while others may not. From my experience, when the content is not delivered properly, changing the browser makes a big difference. On this point, there has been no official announcement from Hulu. Shouldn’t we test something like browser ○○ is ok but □□ is not?

Huluの口コミ・評判&1分でわかる口コミまとめ | みん評 (

I’ve been using it for over two years.
Many Japanese dramas and movies are from Nippon Television, and there are also quite a few side stories from TV broadcasts that are only available on Hulu.
On the other hand, I have a slightly weaker impression of TV other than Nippon Television.
I mainly use foreign dramas, and I’m not dissatisfied with the lineup, but I wish there were more dubbed works.
Works from quite a while ago may also be added.

Huluの口コミ・評判&1分でわかる口コミまとめ | みん評 (

I’ve been watching it on my Wii U until the other day, but suddenly I can’t play the videos anymore, and when I look at the website they say they’re working on a solution.Well, I only use my Wii to watch Hulu, so I decided to take this opportunity to watch it on my TV. I tried logging back in from Omoi TV and was able to watch it, but 3 days later a different error occurred again.
I wonder what it is. I tried the solution written on the website, but it didn’t work. I’m already frustrated because I can’t go out due to the coronavirus, but I’m trying to relieve myself by watching Hulu, and I keep getting a lot of errors. I can’t stop being irritated. It’s only 1,000 yen per month, but I’m taking money, so I’d like them to take appropriate measures. It seems that they are only making inquiries via email, and it may take more than a week for them to respond. In the end, I was able to watch it for about a week in April.
This is a scam, isn’t it? I’ll switch to Netflix.

Huluの口コミ・評判&1分でわかる口コミまとめ | みん評 (

Canceling from the trial is a hassle. The system is such that it cannot be done from the app. The fact that it’s difficult to cancel is a sign that you don’t have confidence in the service. You can’t see what you want to see unless you pay extra. I went so far as to check how to cancel my subscription on an external site instead of on the homepage. Customer service is also unreliable. There seems to be no manual. I would like to record the contents of the phone call. Am I the only one who thinks it’s unfair if the other party doesn’t also give their full name?

Huluの口コミ・評判&1分でわかる口コミまとめ | みん評 (

I used to have a strong impression of foreign dramas, but it’s been a while since I watched them.
I was surprised to see that the overall number, rather than the lineup, has drastically decreased.
I did.  Drama related is also bad  Why is it in such a bad condition?
To be honest, there aren’t many works I want to see.
This kind of content is not worth the monthly fee at all. Gradually shrink and later
I’m starting to suspect that this is a trend of withdrawal.

Huluの口コミ・評判&1分でわかる口コミまとめ | みん評 (

Originally, I was only using it for myself, but my mother also wanted to use it, so I gave her the ID and password and she uses it with me.
Since you can separate accounts, your recommendations and favorites don’t get mixed up, and you can register multiple devices, so you can use it without any inconvenience.
Sometimes it doesn’t get delivered! I sometimes think so, but it’s tolerable.

Huluの口コミ・評判&1分でわかる口コミまとめ | みん評 (

How to join Hulu

Click the link below to subscribe to Hulu.

Hulu Hulu

The default is Japanese, so you can change the language if necessary. You can change the language by scrolling down the screen.

Source :

Joining begins by pressing the button. Create an account and complete the payment procedure.

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How do I unsubscribe from Hulu?

You can cancel your subscription from Hulu’s website. Please refer to the instructions on how to withdraw from each account.


If you do not cancel during the free period, you will be charged a monthly fee.

After signing up for a free trial, you will be automatically charged for the following month after two weeks. If you only want to use the free period, please be sure to cancel your subscription within two weeks. If you cancel your free trial, you will no longer be able to watch videos from that moment on. A person can only apply for a free trial once. Once you cancel your subscription, you will become a paid member from the beginning the next time you subscribe. ​

Unable to cancel from iPhone app

iPhone/iPad subscriptions cannot be canceled from the app. You will only need to apply online. You can cancel your subscription from your Android smartphone.


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