Spanish League: What is the difference between La Liga and La Liga Espanora? Introducing the powerful team

Europe League

The Spanish League is one of the top soccer leagues in the world. When it comes to the Spanish league, Real Madrid and Barcelona may be the most famous, but the most exciting match is the clash between the two teams called El Clasico. However, the name of this league varies considerably depending on the person. Let me explain why.


What is La Liga Espanora?

La Liga is the official name and is the general term for the entire Spanish league. The Spanish league is structured differently and is not just made up of the Primera Division (first division). The Spanish league also has lower divisions, the second and third divisions, according to rules. The second division is the Segunda Division, and the third division is Segunda Division B. There is also a fourth division. It is ranked high and, of course, has a large number of registered players who are Spanish.

What is LaLiga?

LaLiga is often used to refer to the first division of the Spanish league. The First Division is Spain’s top league, the highest level and the most capitalized, so it is broadcast on TV by broadcasters all over the world. Real Madrid and Barcelona also belong to this first division.

Difference between La Liga and La Liga Espanora

As you can see, it can be said that they are just called differently. The collective name for the Spanish league is La Liga, and La Liga refers to the first division. This is just how it is called in the current era, and the name may change again in the future.

Name changed from La Liga to La Liga

The name La Liga is a term that was often used in the past. So what is the reason behind the name LaLiga? La Liga was originally sponsored by BBVA Bank, but in 2016, Banco Santander became the new sponsor. This led to the league being called LaLiga Santander.

What is the level of LaLiga? Is the Premier League stronger?

La Liga and the Premier League are always considered to be the top European leagues. The Premier League used money to acquire players, while La Liga acquired players who were coveted by Real Madrid and Barcelona. Until the 2010s, La Liga was overwhelmingly superior. However, starting in the 2020s, the Premier League has gradually become stronger. The Premier League is also increasingly winning the UEFA Champions League.

UEFA Champions League Winner

2012-13 Bayern Munich
2013-14 Real Madrid
2014-15 Barcelona
2015-16 Real Madrid
2016-17 Real Madrid
2017-18 Real Madrid
2018-19 Liverpool
2019-20 Bayern Munich
2020-21 Chelsea
2021-22 Real Madrid
2022-23 Manchester City

However, when it comes to the Europa League, La Liga has an overwhelming advantage. This can be said to have the strongest influence from Sevilla. Overall, the two can be said to be on the same level.

UEFA Europe League Winner

2011-12 Atletico Madrid
2012-13 Chelsea
2013-14 Sevilla
2014-15 Sevilla
2015-16 Sevilla
2016-17 Manchester United
2017-18 Atletico Madrid
2018-19 Chelsea
2019-20 Sevilla
2020-21 Villarreal
2021-22 Frankfurt
2022-23 Sevilla

spanish tournament

So what kind of competitions are there in the Spanish League in Europe, and what is the format of the matches? In Spain, there are the following main competitions. La Liga is well known in Japan, but there is also a second division, the Segunda Division. In addition to Barca and Real Madrid, many other teams compete, including Valencia, Villarreal, and Mallorca. Japanese players also play there, so it is attracting attention from Japanese people as well.

1st division league

The first division is called the Primera División. There are 20 teams in the First Division, and the bottom three clubs at the end of the season will be relegated to the Second Division. And there are teams that will be promoted from the second division to replace them. During the league season, which runs from August to May, each club plays 38 games, with two matches played against all clubs. Teams compete based on total points. A team earns 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

Copa del Rey

There is a big cup competition in Spain called Copa del Rey. This is Spain’s oldest football competition, with the winning club qualifying for the UEFA Europa League. The two clubs that advance to the final will qualify for the Supercopa de España. The tournament itself will be held in a tournament, with the winner determined by one shot until the quarterfinals. After that, the team will play two games, one home and one away.

Supercopa de España

Spain has another big cup competition. The Supercopa de Espana is Spain’s equivalent of the Super Cup. The format of the tournament will be the top two teams from LaLiga and the finalists from the Copa del Rey. This will take the form of a tournament match.

Powerful team in LaLiga

Lastly, we will introduce the strongest teams in La Liga. There are mainly three strong teams.

real madrid

Real Madrid is currently one of the best teams in the world, having won the most championships in the world’s top competition, the UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid has won dozens of domestic league championships, making them one of Spain’s strongest teams along with Barcelona. Real Madrid was founded in 1895 by school teachers and students, and from the 1900s onwards it became a team that could be called the face of the Spanish league. Also, this team has never been relegated to the second division.


Barcelona is called Real Madrid’s rival, and this team is also a strong team with dozens of championships. Also, this team, like Real Madrid, has never been relegated to the second division. This team is said to be the club with the most fans in the world and is overwhelmingly popular. Barcelona has a total of 342 million followers on social media, making it the second-largest soccer club in the world, and is known for having fans all over the world.

atlético madrid

Atlético Madrid is a club that is far inferior to Real Madrid and Barcelona in terms of track record. This club has experienced relegation to the second division, but since Diego Simeone took over as manager in the 2010s, they have quickly become a powerhouse. Since then, Atlético Madrid has won the domestic league title, the UEFA Super Cup, the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Europa League. We have now become a team that is said to be one of the top three.

mid-sized team

Many of the mid-tier teams have their own quirks, so it’s very exciting.

Watch LaLiga live

You can watch La Liga live on many TV channels, including U-NEXT. Enjoy the games of the world’s highest league.

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