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When you think of the Premier League, you probably get the impression that there are a lot of very rich clubs. This is true, and since the beginning of the 2000s, Premier League clubs have continued to acquire large numbers of famous players based on their abundant financial resources. But don’t you feel that there are too many matches in the Premier League?


What is the Premier League? One of the best leagues in the world

The Premier League is a professional soccer league in England. In soccer, there are many leagues called the Premier League around the world, so it is easy to get them confused and confused. However, when we talk about the Premier League, we usually refer to England. The Premier League has the following characteristics:

The forces are evenly matched

Although the level of the Premier League is lower than that of Real Madrid and Barcelona in their heyday, there are still a lot of teams that are above the average level. There are a total of 20 teams participating in the Premier League, but the Premier League is probably the only league in which the lower-tier teams are made up of players representing each country. For this reason, the top teams are unable to easily commit turnovers and are forced to continue fighting without sacrificing their strength.

Leagues with long running periods

The Premier League has a longer running period than the major European leagues such as La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. The Premier League starts in early August and is packed with matches until late May of the following year. In other words, the period of playing league matches is as long as 10 months, and the off period is only 2 months. It’s a very crowded and tough league.

have financial strength

The Premier League is generally well-funded. This trend became more pronounced in the 2000s. The reason why the Premier League is so rich is simply because of the high income it receives from broadcasting rights. The Premier League, whose games are broadcast in more than 200 countries, generates annual revenue of about 270 billion yen in Japanese yen. In Serie A, the amount is 120 billion yen, and in the Bundesliga, it is approximately 100 billion yen, so you can see that the environment is completely different.

Reasons why there are so many matches in the Premier League

Next, let’s explain why there are so many matches in the Premier League. This is related to the tournament in England. Actually, England has a lot of cup competitions. Other leagues basically only have one regular league match and one cup match, but in England there is one more cup match.

Premier League

The Premier League is a regular league like other leagues, and this is the main league in which players compete. Regarding the regular league matches, the number of matches is not that different from leagues in other countries. The Premier League has 20 teams, and this is the same for Spain and Italy, so you can see that there is almost no difference.

FA Cup

England has a cup competition called the FA Cup. This is the oldest soccer tournament in the world, and it is a cup competition that involves both professionals and amateurs, and is a one-shot tournament that is most likely to cause upheaval. Until 2020, there was no overtime, and the game was a draw and a rematch would be played at a later date. Partly because of this, players’ conditions tend to deteriorate due to crowded schedules. The winning team will qualify for the Europa League.


England has a league cup competition called the EFL Cup. The EFL Cup is named after its sponsor, the Thai energy drink company Carabao, and is called the Carabao Cup. It will be a tournament game with 92 teams from division 4 and above participating. The winning team will qualify for the Europa League.

Is the Premier League boring? Why is that?

In the soccer world, the Premier League is held from August to May, and although it boasts a wealth of financial resources, it is often criticized for being boring. What is the reason for this? It’s a glamorous league because it’s streamed quite a lot and scores a lot of points, but there have been some problems recently.

Quality deteriorates due to crowded schedule

As explained above, the Premier League has one more cup match than other leagues, so the schedule tends to be congested and the quality of players’ play tends to drop. There are many goals, but the decline in quality is also an advantage. Furthermore, the stronger teams have been in the past, the more likely they are to win cup matches, and since the Champions League and Europa League are held concurrently, they tend to have even tougher schedules, making it difficult for them to maintain their strength as a team.

There is no difference in strength

In addition to what was explained above, the Premier League is also a league where there is not much difference in strength. There is also no team in the Premier League that boasts overwhelming strength. Even the lower ranked teams have representative players from each country, so even the higher ranked teams will not be able to win easily and will be forced to fight without letting their guard down. The quality of the top teams, who have to play in a situation where they have too many games and cannot cut corners in every game, deteriorates and end up competing against the lower teams.

Physically based soccer

The feature of the Premier League is not the brilliant possession soccer like Spain, but rather a strong physical style of soccer. Many fans of all sports find physical football boring because it doesn’t look like the most spectacular form of soccer. It will be boring, especially for soccer fans who like the possession style.

What are the Big 6 in the Premier League?

In the Premier League, there is a term called the Big 6. Formerly known as the Big Four, they included Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. Which teams do the Big 6 refer to?

manchester city

Manchester City was not originally a powerful club. The team used to hover around the mid-tier of the Premier League, but in the early 2000s, when a Middle Eastern investment group took ownership, they continued to acquire big-name players with huge amounts of money, and have now grown to become a regularly ranked team. did. They are the team with the most funds and strength in the Premier League.

home townmanchester
home stadiumedihad stadium


Arsenal enjoyed a particularly stable period of growth in the early 2000s under French manager Wenger. However, since the 2010s, we cannot honestly say that we are a team that can be called big. In reality, we have not been able to achieve stable results for a while now, and we are far from winning the championship.

home townLondon
home stadiumemirates stadium

Manchester United

Manchester United have always been stable under Alex Ferguson, and have been stable since the days when they were known as the Big Four, but they have been stagnant ever since he left. is the reality. Since the 2010s, it has become difficult to consistently rank in the top ranks, and it continues to be difficult to win the championship.

home townmanchester
home stadiumold trafford


Tottenham are the team with the least track record of the Big Six. Partly because the team lacks experience, winning the championship will be difficult. However, they are not a weak team, and are a team that always appears in the top ranks every year. The key point will be whether we can grow one more rank from here.

home townLondon
home stadiumtottenham hotspur stadium


Chelsea is a team that has advanced to the top since the early 2000s and has won both the Premier League and the Champions League. However, the reality is that the results have been gradually declining since the 2010s. There are an increasing number of seasons in which teams are competing with teams that are somewhat weaker than other top teams.

home townLondon
home stadiumstamford bridge


Liverpool is a famous team that has also achieved results in European cup competitions. They are a very famous team with the same track record as Manchester United and have even won the UEFA Champions League. The home stadium is always bright red.

home townLivepool
home stadiumAnfield

Watch Premier League live

The Premier League is said to be the most commercially successful league in the world, and there are many streaming services that broadcast it live. Therefore, be sure to watch the game live and enjoy the game.

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