Premier League: Why can’t Tottenham win? Is it a problem with the director? Soccer problem?

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The Premier League has relatively strong teams called the Big 6. Tottenham is said to be one of the Big Six, but this team has not won either the domestic title or the Champions League since winning the UEFA Cup decades ago. Why can’t this team win?


tottenham hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur is a professional sports soccer club based in London, England. The team colors are white and navy blue, which are also reflected in the uniforms. This team also has a very high club income, earning 406.2 million euros in the 2020-2021 season, making it the 10th highest earner in Europe. The team is often featured in overseas news.


Tottenham’s nickname is “Spurs”. Tottenham is high in the popularity rankings, and fans get a lot of coverage on Twitter and news. It is a sports team that often appears in the Europa League and CL, so there is a lot of information and breaking news on the news. I also participated in the finals. Many of the latest new members are regulars on the national team and occupy important positions. Today, it is attracting attention both in Asia and Europe.


Tottenham’s rival is Arsenal, who are also based in London. The match against Arsenal is called the North London Derby, and is said to be one of the most historic derby matches. Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur first played each other in 1887, so there have been quite a few matches between them.


Tottenham supporters are mainly located in north London. Also, like other London clubs, Tottenham has a large number of Jewish supporters, and the area surrounding the club’s home ground is home to many Jews.

Why can’t Tottenham win?

Now comes the main topic. Tottenham is considered one of the strongest teams in the Premier League, known as the Big Six. However, they have never won the Premier League, and unlike Manchester United and Liverpool, they have never won the UEFA Champions League. Why can’t Tottenham win? The reason is as follows. There are many fans who think that even if this season doesn’t work out, they can make it to the new season, but it doesn’t work out that way.

field size

Tottenham lack experience in international forces. Tottenham’s home stadium has a very narrow field, which allows them to take full advantage of the Premier League’s unique hand-to-hand play, but the fields they play in overseas matches are very wide, making it difficult for them to do their best, hand-to-hand play. The pitch has become wider, and when passes are passed, players are forced to run too wide, which always results in a big loss. In other words, it may be due to a lack of experience. For this reason, even if they win a lot of games in the Premier League, they tend to lose quickly when it comes to overseas matches.


There are many opinions that Tottenham are overrated in the first place. Compared to the other Big Six, Tottenham have never won a league title or won the UEFA Champions League. There is a question as to whether a team that can’t even win a title deserves to be called “big.” The fact is that Tottenham are far inferior to other teams in terms of track record. You can’t win in important games. The team itself may not be able to respond well to the opponent’s situation. they run out of stamina and even when I get a chance, they miss the goal.

poor quality of players

This is related to the above story, but Tottenham has no experience of winning major titles. As a result, I cannot shake the impression that the number of players they can acquire is a step down compared to the other Big 6 players. The players who belong to Tottenham, both now and in the past, are far from being the best in the world. In order to win the UEFA Champions League or the Premier League, it will be difficult to achieve this goal unless you can recruit top-class players, but even top-class players are reluctant to join teams that have no experience of winning big titles.

Player base is thin

This story is connected to the quality of players, but despite being called a big club, Tottenham has a very thin player base. We simply don’t have enough rotational personnel to compete in the European Cup. Therefore, the more packed the schedule becomes, the more difficult the competition becomes and the more you run out of breath. It can be said that it is almost impossible for a team with a thin player base to win a major title in modern soccer. In order for all players to be noticed, all of them have to grow significantly.

Far from a major title

As mentioned above, Tottenham’s current status is not very good, but it can be said that they are far away from major titles. Both Manchester City and Chelsea took several years to win the Premier League. It took several more years for them to win the UEFA Champions League. The same goes for Tottenham. It is highly unlikely that you will suddenly win the title tomorrow. We need to keep our eyes on the future five and 10 years from now.

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