National team: Why is the Australian national soccer team placed in Asia?

National Team

Australia, who is playing in the Asian bracket, is a very talented soccer team that has a track record of making it to the top 16 of the World Cup finals. No matter how you look at it, Australia is a team from the Oceania region, but they do participate in World Cup qualifiers and the Asian Cup. Why is the Australian team limited to Asia?


What is Australia?

Australia is a country in the Oceania region, and is the largest country in Oceania, as well as the most economically developed country. Australia’s official language is English, and as it used to be a British penal colony, Australia has a large white population. Australia is home to many unique animals, including kangaroos, koalas, and penguins, making it a popular tourist destination.

Australia National Team

The Australian national team is a national team organized by Football Federation Australia (FFA). The Australian national team has a nickname: the Socceroos. The Australian national team was formed in the 1920s and first played against New Zealand in 1922. After that, we participated in the Oceania qualifiers and were aiming to qualify for the World Cup, but due to Oceania’s limited number of spots, we were unable to make it to the World Cup finals. The quality of the players is very high and above average. It belonged to the Oceania Football Confederation.

intercontinental playoffs

The problem with the Oceania qualifiers was that there were not enough spots for the World Cup. The slot for Oceania was 0.5, so even if they won in the Oceania region, they would not be able to participate in the tournament unless they won the playoffs against South America and Asia. Therefore, it was not a good idea for the Australian team to belong to the Oceania region. Below are the Australian national team’s playoff results. If you look at the following, you can clearly see how the Australian national team is crying about the playoffs. Their only win was against Korea in 1974. they didn’t have much experience and it was difficult to pass first place, so it was a long way from participating in the tournament.

1974〇 Australia – Korea ×
1986× Australia – Scotland 〇
1998× Australia – Iran 〇
2002× Australia – Uruguay 〇

Participation in AFC

The Australian team was able to participate in the final round of the 2006 World Cup and made it to the last 16, but now they had to make a big decision. The Australian Football Federation requested membership in the Asian Football Confederation. However, this request has been repeatedly rejected by FIFA in the past. However, this request was finally approved in 2005. As a result, the Australian national team will become a member of the Asian Football Confederation and will participate in the Asian Cup and the Asian World Cup qualifiers.

Why Australian national team chose Asia

The Australian team will then join Asia. The reasons behind this are as follows. Why are national team matches held in Asia? As a result, we are experiencing the rigors of being overseas, but by leaving the OFC federation and transferring to AFC, it has become easier for us to participate in the World Cup. Compared to other countries, the Olympic and women’s soccer teams are also quite strong, and the Japanese national team has a tough time competing against them.

High probability of participating in the World Cup

The continents closest to Australia would be South America or Asia. Judging from Australia’s ability, if they join South America, their chances of participating in the main tournament of the World Cup will be low. However, since Asia is one of the lowest-level continents in the world, I thought that if we joined, we would be guaranteed a spot in the World Cup. This is why Australia wanted to join the Asian Football Confederation.

You can play warm-up games

In Australia’s Oceania region, New Zealand was the only strong opponent. The Australian national team has always won overwhelming victories in the Oceania regional qualifiers, and was unable to strengthen the national team. However, if you join Asia, you can aim to strengthen your team through matches against powerful teams such as Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. It also has an advantage in the sense that it aims to strengthen itself over a long period of time.

asian champions league

By joining the Asian Football Confederation, Australia will be able to compete in the Asian Champions League. Although the level of the Asian Champions League is inferior to Europe and South America, it is the next continent. There are many strong teams in the Middle East, so we can aim to strengthen our team even at the club team level, which was another advantage.

However, in the Asian Champions League, although they are competing in the East region, the reality is that most teams are unable to win against clubs from Japan and South Korea. As a result, the situation continues to be such that it is difficult for them to even advance to the final tournament.

asia cup

Australia can participate in the Asian Cup by joining the Asian Football Confederation. Until 2015, if you won the Asian Cup, you could also participate in the Confederations Cup, so this was both a strength and an advantage for the Australian team. If you only think about the Confederations Cup, there are advantages to being in the Oceania region, but being able to improve through friendly competition through the Asia Cup is a big advantage.

However, Australia has actually been snubbing Asia for some time. When Australia joined in the early 2000s, the level of Asia was actually at the bottom of the world, but even after joining Asia, the Australian national team struggled in the Asian Cup, and even in the World Cup Asian qualifying round it was easy to do. The reality is that we are not winning.

Watch the Australian national team

The Australian national team can be watched live on a variety of video streaming services. We will introduce it in the article below, but if you are interested, please register.

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DAZN\3750national team
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UEFA Europa League
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