Premier League: Why is Manchester City unpopular? Reasons why people are hated even though they are strong in soccer

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Although Manchester City is a strong club throughout the season in the Premier League, they are not popular at all. Manchester City used to be a weak team and didn’t have that much power, but since the 2010s they have suddenly gained strength and become stronger, but there are many people who don’t like this, so there are also people who hate City. It increased.


What kind of team is Manchester City?

Manchester City is a professional sports and soccer club based in London, England. The team was created in 1880 when St. Mark’s Church formed a team. The match against Manchester United is called the Manchester Derby. Their coaches and players are frequently reported and featured in breaking news and columns in domestic and international news.

acquired by an investment group

Manchester City was not originally a strong team. However, after being acquired by a UAE investment group in 2008, they aimed to become the strongest team and suddenly began mass reinforcements, suddenly increasing their strength and becoming a regular at the top of the Premier League. They first won the title in 2011-12, beating Manchester United by a narrow margin. In the 2022-23 season, they won the UEFA Champions League for the first time, making them one of the biggest clubs in the world. They are also number 1 in the ranking of clubs with the most funds.

is a new team

Manchester City was not originally a strong team. Originally, England was said to be a top four league, with Manchester United and Liverpool being strong, as well as Arsenal and Chelsea. Manchester City created a hole here. Next, with the rise of City, the Premier League may become even more competitive. There are many players on the national team.

Manchester City’s top league

The Premier League since the 2010s has effectively been Manchester City’s top league. Premier fans seem to insist that it is a top six league, but looking at the championships over the last 10 years, 70% of the championships have been won by City, so it is not a top six league at all. City has disrupted the power balance in the Premier League. We have put together a list of information on past winning teams with new results.

2022-2023Manchester City
2021-2022Manchester City
2020-2021Manchester City
2018-2019Manchester City
2017-2018Manchester City
2015-2016Lester City
2013-2014Manchester City
2012-2013Manchester City

Why is Manchester City unpopular?

As mentioned above, Manchester City is a very strong and best team in the Premier League, but for some reason, it is a team that is not popular at all. In terms of the number of fans, Man U has by far the largest number of fans. So, I will explain why it is not popular despite its strength, based on the latest information.

Because the team has become stronger recently.

Manchester City’s weakness is that they are a team that has recently become stronger, and they have risen to prominence since the 2010s. This leaves them with no history compared to their old rivals Liverpool and Manchester United. The reality is that the number of fans is still small because of this. Even in terms of track record, it is still less compared to traditional competitors.

Because it’s a nouveau riche club

City are a team that suddenly started winning after huge investments were made. City continues to receive significant reinforcements with UAE investment. Because of this, the image of them as nouveau riche took root, and along with PSG, they came to be criticized by soccer fans around the world. Also, since the team is based in Manchester, it is hard to shake the impression that they have come from a rural area due to their financial strength.

Under investigation for violation of financial regulations

Manchester City, who are said to have breached the Premier League’s financial regulations in 2023, are currently the only team under investigation by the Premier League, so the situation is not good. It has a completely dirty image and it is difficult to attract fans. The ruling is expected to be handed down in the summer of 2025, and if they receive a penalty, there is a possibility that they will be relegated, not just to the first division.

There are no top-level players

The Premier League, not just Manchester City, lacks top-level first-class players. Because they don’t have absolute masters like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, I couldn’t shake the impression that they were inferior compared to Spain’s Real Madrid and Barcelona. In the 2020s, with the end of the Barcelona era, the status has risen relatively.

Watch Premier League live

The Premier League is said to be the most commercially successful league in the world, and there are many streaming services that broadcast it live. Therefore, be sure to watch the game live and enjoy the game.

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