National team: Is the German national soccer team boring? Why did it suddenly become weaker?

National Team

Speaking of the German national team, they are considered one of the strongest teams in both the Euros and the World Cup. The German national team has won the World Cup many times, but they have shown signs of decline since the 2014 tournament, and have completely declined in the 2020s. Why is it getting weaker?


Germany representative

The German national team is the national soccer team, and previously Germany itself was divided into West Germany and East Germany, each of which operated as separate countries. In 1990, the German national team was unified and continues to this day.


His nickname is Die Mannschaft. Die Mannschaft means team in German. This phrase clearly reflects the German character, who emphasizes organized play.

Euro and World Cup winner

The German national team has won the World Cup four times, finished runners-up four times, and reached the final eight times. At the Euros, they have won three times, been runners-up three times, and advanced to the final six times, making them by far the most stable of European countries. Germany and Brazil are probably the only teams with such consistent results. However, in the 2018 and 2022 tournaments, they were forced to lose in the group stage for two consecutive tournaments, and are in a very difficult situation.

The peak period was 2014

The most recent peak was the 2014 World Cup. In this tournament, they showed overwhelming strength, scoring 7 points against Brazil. However, many of the other games were close by one point, making it a surprisingly close tournament. The final match against Argentina was also quite close. However, the members are made up of gorgeous members worthy of being the best in the world. At that time, Dortmund was very strong, so the team consisted mainly of members from Bayern and Dortmund. The situation in the Bundesliga is also reflected in the national team.

Why did the German national team become weaker?

Why has the German national team become so weak? Since their last victory in 2014, their performance in international tournaments has been very poor. What is happening with the German national team? Looking at the starting lineup and the coach, it doesn’t look like a team that is likely to produce results.

generational change failed

The German national team’s peak was around the 2010 to 2014 tournaments. During this period, there were great players in every position, and there were no holes. However, the problem started in the late 2010s. We are trying to change the generation from members who are in their prime and are actively using young players in each position, but there is clearly a lack of world-class players. Overall, it is undeniable that our strength has decreased, and our results have been poor. Even if you look at the domestic league, there aren’t many players who are highly rated these days.

The decline of the Bundesliga

When the German national team was at its peak, the Bundesliga was one of the top two leagues. Not only Bayern, but Dortmund are also strong, and these two teams even faced off in the final of the UEFA Champions League. In both cases, the main players were German, so naturally the national teams were also strong. However, the current Bundesliga is a league dominated entirely by Bayern. The competitiveness of the league as a whole has declined and is declining, which has also led to the weakening of the national team. The Bundesliga is far from winning overseas and is unable to reach the top of the UEFA rankings.

There is no replacement for Klose.

One of the reasons why the German national team is suffering is the lack of forwards. The German national team was dominated by an absolute forward called Klose. A little earlier there was also Podolski. But after they disappeared, there was no absolute ace striker who could take this. There is no player on the German national team who can score points when we are struggling. The lack of top-notch forwards is definitely having a big impact on the current German national team. A team that can truly win always has world-class forwards.

No player has captaincy

Another problem is that there are no players with captaincy. In the past, we didn’t have players like goalkeeper Khan who would give us encouragement. The current German national team lacks the mental backbone, so there are no players who can pull them forward in many ways.

Watch the German national team

The German national team will be one of the top teams in the world. Therefore, there are many services that broadcast the German national team, so please enjoy watching them live.

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