National Team: Why is Korean soccer and sports hated around the world? World Cup and match-fixing

National Team

Korean soccer is hated by fans all over the world. Corruption has occurred in domestic leagues, with match-fixing occurring at the World Cup as a leading example, and match-fixing incidents have also occurred. Although Korean soccer has some level of ability, it is disliked by people all over the world, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to organize matches.


Reasons why Korean soccer is hated

The Korean soccer world is hated all over the world, and there are good reasons for that. I will explain the reason below, so please refer to the images and YouTube videos. There is nothing good about it, just so many bad topics that people can’t believe their eyes on. It seems that if we lose without being able to win, the people will immediately go wild.

Lots of rough play

This includes not only club soccer such as ACL, but also national team matches such as the World Cup and Asian Cup, but Koreans often play rough in international tournaments and the Olympics. The number of times they are called for fouls is high, and they often injure opposing players. Perhaps because of this, South Korea is no longer allowing us to play matches, even friendly matches. When Klinsmann was the manager, it was no longer possible to find someone to train with overseas.

Korean media highly praised the Japan Football Association (JFA)’s quick decision on the opponent for the international A match. On the other hand, he criticized the Korean Football Association (KFA), which has not yet decided on an opponent for September. South Korea’s Ilgun Sports newspaper compared the two countries’ soccer associations with the headline, “Klinsmann’s opponents for September have not yet been decided…Japan has confirmed A-match matches against Canada and Tunisia in October.”

Source : Nikkan

Match-fixing in domestic leagues

It’s not just the national team games that are corrupt in South Korea. The same goes for the domestic K League. In the case of match-fixing that was discovered in 2011, it was discovered that organized crime groups who wanted to profit from sports TOTO were contacting K-League players and manipulating match results. Players involved in match-fixing were sanctioned, and some were even expelled from the soccer world. Jeonbuk Hyundai, a winning team in the Korean K League, also had their right to participate in the ACL forfeited.

The K League Match-Fixing Incident is a match-fixing incident that was discovered in 2011 involving players from the K League, South Korea’s professional soccer league. It has become clear that match-fixing is widespread in the Korean professional sports world, with the V League match-fixing incident, the Korean professional baseball match-fixing incident, and the Korean professional basketball match-fixing incident also being uncovered.

Source : Wikipedia

Japan-Korea World Cup match-fixing

The Japan-Korea World Cup was a tournament in which there were many referee whistles that were unnaturally advantageous to South Korea during matches, and there were many inexplicable goals that were only for South Korea. Among the opponents Korea has played against, in matches against Portugal, Italy, and Spain, if things go wrong, the opponent’s play or goal will be canceled and they will be sent off. The abnormality can be seen from the fact that of the world’s top 10 misjudgments announced by FIFA, four of them involved South Korea.

Why do Koreans hate Japan?

As mentioned above, Korean soccer has always been hated by people all over the world, but for some reason South Korea only shows its hostility towards Japan. Why do Koreans really hate Japanese people so much? There are many reasons for this, including: Similar trends can be seen in North Korea and China. Lack of courtesy is abnormal not only during games, but also in everyday life.

Planting anti-Japanese thoughts

Koreans are forced to receive anti-Japanese education throughout their education and life. They have a curriculum that makes them hate Japanese people. There are also people who use anti-Japan not only for their anti-Japanese ideology but also for political performances. That is the Democratic Party of Korea, and they can gain support by performing anti-Japanese performances, so they pick fights against Japan anyway. By doing this, we are a country that can gain votes and support.

I’m actually jealous of Japan

Although Koreans have been taught to be anti-Japanese, there is also a side of them that is actually jealous of Japan. This is because Japan has a large market in terms of economy, sports in general, and the arts. For some reason, some Koreans come to Japan, which they hate, to earn money. Even though I hate Japan, for some reason I came to Japan to work there. If you don’t like them, you can just end the relationship without interacting with them, just ignore them and never come back, which is a very funny story.

Excessive media hype

Korean media does nothing to incite anti-Japanese sentiment and harass them. This is because you can make money by writing articles about anti-Japanese and anti-Japanese issues. I’m sure there are many ordinary Koreans who are affected by this. There are even some Koreans who rely more on the misfortunes of Japan than their own country. On the other hand, it is not a good idea for the Japanese media to not be the first to make news about it, or to make assumptions without providing any information at all.

ACL assault case

Perhaps due to the above background, ACL assault cases still occur. This is the second leg of the last 16 match between Urawa Reds and Jeju United. Perhaps frustrated after actually losing the match, a Korean player who chased Urawa’s Tomoaki Makino was sent off for assault. In response, Jeju United claimed that Urawa was at fault. It was a match where we showed a hopeless side. Soccer is not martial arts or boxing. Koreans who forget their manners are not qualified to play sports.

Let’s watch soccer live

You can watch live soccer matches on many TV channels. Enjoy the soccer match.

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ABEMA TV¥960national team
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